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Rim Shoals browns 6/26


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Made a trip to Rim Shoals this morning. SWPA has been running lots of water on the White and Norfork the last couple of weeks to lower the lakes. Good news is that both Bull Shoals and Norfork are only 1-2 feet above power pool so hopefully we will see some lower flows soon.

With the high water I resorted to the ultralight spinner with a white/gray marabou jig. Caught 5 or 6 rainbows and these 2 nice browns. The one in the first picture spit up 2 fresh sculpins while I was taking the picture.




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Always like seeing your posts pop up.  I know before I click on them we're going to be treated to some nice Brown pics.  Can't wait for jig fest, but hoping I can get back down that way before then as well...  Thanks for sharing!

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Awesome browns! congrats on a great pair of fish! those are the kind of brown trout folks like me dream about and will do so until I can get back to the White!

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