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Big M area, May 28


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Got to the launch at the crack of dawn, couple of other guys came in after me and as I cruised past Emerald Beach, couple of boats were launching there - lots of guys getting out there early.

Early is was flat calm, quite a bit of scattered top water activity on shad schools.  Seemed to be more shad schools than bass feeding on them and the bass were scattered, some on the bank and some mid channel with some in between those 2 places.  I couldn't get much of a top water bite going, got a few, and a few on c-rigged UV Speed Craws.  Later in the morning I caught a few on a 3.8 Keitech, a couple came off a dock end that was over 60 FOW and a couple off steep rocky points, never could find any schools of bass for the Keitech, just some scattered fish.  Caught a smalls on a crank bait and had a few bites on jigs but never boated any.  

Wind really got going so I called it a day around 1130.

15 bass total and a few other species.














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1 hour ago, Johnsfolly said:

QB that is a great mixed bag of fish buddy! Congrats on a great day. Jealous about that gar.

Stuck him right in the very tip of his snout.

As far as the perch, I am thinking about bringing some red worms one of these days.  

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You giving lessons?😁 i need some.

I have seen some strong marks out in open water, i figured they were gar.

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12 hours ago, dan hufferd said:

I have seen some strong marks out in open water, i figured they were gar.


2 hours ago, Quillback said:

Gar are certainly active now, they're after the shad too.  I think I saw more gar on top than bass yesterday. 

Ok you two just keep rubbing it in :rolleyes:!

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