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Somewhere on Shoal Creek 9/13

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After church today. 

Had an eagle fly near me, two coopers hawks, and the hummingbirds were all over the jewel weed. This was one of the best after church kayak trips this year.

A small crawfish plastic got the most hits. I lost several at the boat, due being to quick on the hook set. 

Hope you all like the pictures.











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I grew up fishing shoal, we lived on its banks when my family moved to Joplin in 75.... great fishing...my brother and I always planned a wade fishing trip in mid August up until  his work moved him to Georgia.

from the falls to the Kansas line was good, but all the development has made it a shadow of its former glory....at some time or another I have fished every mile of its ample drainage....many stretches do not get the pressure other streams do...it can be rough it spots..if I remember it has a couple of the highest class of white water....but in a good yak in normal or low water is the best fishing, below the falls to Kansas walleyes are a possibility...big small mouths in the riffles, largemouths in the slower stretches, spots everywhere....normally you will pick up a catfish on bass gear....used to pick up flatheads on our August trips..they will smash a rebel craw...normally I like jigging but shoal creek is better cranking as you lose less gear....drifting wild caught minnows or crawlers will catch everything...including monster red horse...ahh to be young again




MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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