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Flood Gates?

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5 hours ago, Devan S. said:

FB says one unit was offline this week for maintenance.

I really want to check it out....400CFS could be really interesting. Should cause decent current all the way through but still provide a ton of wading opportunity. Normally BV is all or nothing.

Take some pictures for us too please.  @liphunterreally likes them.  

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Well thought I would follow this up. Went over last night arrived right at dark. Fished several spots from right below the dam down to Parkers. 

400cfs looks perfect. I would say 90% or better of the wadable water is still available. There is a noticeable current everywhere although not strong. Lots of fish rising and activity right at dark to an hour past. 

I fished until about 11pm with one bite.  Threw jerk baits in the restricted section....nada. Went down to parkers and drifted minnows, nada. Went to the rip rap right at the cable below the dam and drifted minnows, nada. 

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