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Generation Off?

Jeff Polys

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If the waters off they have been eating a pink Power Worm from Fall Creek to Trout Hollow or a micro jig 7' under a float. I used 6X leader from the float down. On Zero generation they also bit a dark micro really well in the restricted zone. Same depth. 

Good Fishing

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4 hours ago, Jeff Polys said:

Sort of odd to see generation off 100% all day today with this rain coming. Any predictions for the next few days?  Leaving tomorrow and wondering if I will be drift fishing from our boat or wade fishing in my waders? 

Drive to the dam, get your waders on in the parking and then they turn it on.  That's my experience...😁

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  • Root Admin

I don't see why they won't stay with the pattern they've had for the past couple of months.  Today MAYBE was a fluke.  But running water in the mornings, off in the afternoons.  I don't think we'll get enough rain to make any difference.  I see 1-1.5 inches in the forecast.

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