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Big M 3/19


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Got over to the Rock for the first time in a couple of months.  Today was beautiful- even though I was wishing for some clouds.

On the water at 7:15, off by 11:30.  Caught 9 fish- smallie, meanie, a LM and the rest spots.  Nothing big but all fat and healthy.  Photo doesn’t do it justice but one of the spots was a fatty.   WT was 47-49 degrees this morning.  

I caught one fish on a jerkbait and one on a crank early- but as soon as the sun got up that felt like it was over - there wasn’t much wind where I was.  

I moved down the lake cranking and throwing the jerk- trying to stay on windy points.  Threw a swimmer some too.  Finally found some fish and they all came on a Ned rig in 12-18 fow in main lake points leading into little pockets.  And if I caught one I would always catch another.  

I am no ned expert like many on here- and I really didn’t want to fish it but after getting no bites on a jerker and swimmer in places I thought there should be staging fish I decided to give it a try and caught 7 that way.  Shady areas seemed to be the key.  Never caught a fish in a sunny spot today.  Also the bite was so soft you never felt it.  I actually just spooled up some high vis braid on ned rod and if I didn’t have that I wouldn’t have caught most of the ned fish.  I would see the line jump and reel set on them.  Never felt them.  

Feels like good things are happening and we are days away from stuff really braking out.  





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