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Spring '22 BBB


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This one has the makings of being a disaster.

In years past I have seen some crazy small boats fishing it and many times they have 3 people in them. I'm talking about 14 -16 foot john boats that have no business being on this lake. I would definitely not be surprised to hear about boats swamping or capsizing. Just hope nobody drowns.

I fished a small tournament a couple weeks ago when we had the three days of 20-30 mph winds and it was brutal. I plan on sitting this one out.   

I would suggest anyone fishing this weekend wear your life vest the whole time.

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I predict that it's gonna be a genuine hogfest the first day. 

The insane winds are gonna force everyone into the backends of the coves where a bunch of bigguns are gonna be moving into.   I think a ton of guys will connect with 5+pounders.  

Day 2 will likely be a washout.     I betcha the winning fish will be caught Saturday before 10:am. 

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