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Mixed bag on Friday 8/5

Steve McBasser

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Andy and I launched the Mon Ark at about 3:30pm and the water was 89* and the air temp was mid 90's. Ran way up the James, almost to Flat Creek. Caught a bunch of dinker bass, one white bass, a ton of little green sun fish and a handful of decent sized bass as well. It was hot but because we launched so late we were able to stay in the shade most of the time.  It wasn't a bragging trip but we caught several fish and had a ball. We always do. 










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Excellent trip.  

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1 hour ago, Quillback said:

Are you getting any on the Ned?  Haven't fished one myself in a while.

Isn’t that a junebug TRD in one picture?

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We were targeting schooling fish at about 26-45'. They weren't near as thick as they were last week but we still caught a bunch. The only thing I caught on the Ned was the two little brim. We went to a couple of spots and bank fished just to get out of the boat traffic for a while. Yes... I know we were out in the middle of the lake but still.... there is no excuse for the way some people run their boats with absolutely no regard for anybody else....... sorry about the rant. Back to fishing....The slab spoon drew most of my bites but I also caught them on a white swim bait and a shad colored crank bait. It was crazy. Even though the water temp was around 90* the fish were extremely active. Everyone of them would jump multiple times before we could get them in the boat. I bet we lost as many fish as we landed. Still had a ball though.....

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