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March 15, Big M

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I found it to be a bit tough out there today, especially when the wind got cranking.  Before the wind came up, I was catching one here and there on Neds and 2.8 Keitechs.  Caught one and only one on a jerk bait.  I fished main channel points and steep banks for the most part.  I was getting bites a little shallower than last time I was here, 10-20 FOW.

I caught 14 total, 4 were keepers, but barely. All spots except one largemouth and one smalls.  

Threw the cranks and spinner bait in the wind, but nothing doing on those baits.

The fish are getting spunky, they were pulling pretty good.

WT 50

Caught this dude right off the end of the ramp before I launched.


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Nice going there.  Keepers are illusive for me right now.  We rarely catch keeper spots.

I would have loved to be on the water but life got in the way.  Our fish were really shallow yesterday but your water is probably clearer than ours.  You have a lot more smallmouth on that end of the lake.

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