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Caddis slam 3-27


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SWPA schedule showed Norfork going to minimum flow at 6 am this morning so I planned a trip over there. Got up and checked Gene's webcam at 7 am and they were still running water. No problem, I did a few small projects in the yard and kept checking Gene's webcam... still running water at 10 am. Decided to go to Bull Shoals C&R as they brought the water down to 1 unit at 10 am. Got there at 11 and the water was down to 1 unit. I only saw a few caddis coming up so I started with a green butt soft hackle and had good results with that for the first hour. Then around noon I started to see more caddis coming up so I switched to an elk hair dry and started getting some takes on top. The hatch is still not nearly as strong as it will be in the next couple of weeks, but still fun to catch them on top. I fished till 3:30 and ended up with around 30ish including an old-time White River slam of rainbows, browns, a cutthroat and a brookie. 

A few pics...

3-27a rz.jpg

3-27b rz.jpg

3-27c rz.jpg

3-27e rz.jpg

3-27d rz.jpg


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