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Heard a Rumor

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I was told at breakfast the other day that They plan to lower the lake, to add height to the dam. So to raise the lake level itself after completion of the add on. 

Is it true or was someone being miss lead? The person that told me this was just at Ozark Beach Resort. Said the owner there told him this. 

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"Empire District proposes to replace the existing 4-foot high Obermeyer gates with new 5.15-foot-high Obermeyer gates. As proposed, the water surface elevation of Lake Taneycomo would be raised from 701.35 to 702.5 feet NGVD29 when the 5.15-foot gates are fully raised."

I read this is being done to address the sediment buildup problems in the lower lake.

Attached is the short story.

Tom Ciolino

Docket P-2221-041.pdf

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