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  1. J.M.

    Still Not Catching

    I caught 5 last Fri. morning fishing brush piles for crappie. Four of them were from 3 to 5 lbs. All on minnows hope this helps.
  2. J.M.

    Cedar Ridge / Bona

    Thanks for the info.
  3. J.M.

    electronics setup

    The 7 g2n's will link with the I-Pilot. That is what i have
  4. J.M.

    Biggest Bass Caught On Table Rock?

    My best 8.6 Hide a way area 8.2 Little Cow Ky 4.12 Owl Creek Walleye 15.00 Kings River Long time ago.Walleye came on a crankbait while bass fishing near the 86hwy bridge way up Kings River March of 69 I thank.
  5. lower price 1200.00
  6. One more time before it goes to e-bay
  7. Man I just paid $235 for one.
  8. Motor has GPS Bluetooth US2 ect. I opened the bottom of box to show that motor was still in plastic. $1300.00
  9. I Cut the box open to make sure everything is alright, as you can see it had never been opened and I didn't unpack. No shipping must be picked near Springfield, MO
  10. 4I bought a new boat today that came rigged, it has this new trolling motor that I don't need. $650.00 these sell tor much more

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