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  1. One more time before it goes to e-bay
  2. Man I just paid $235 for one.
  3. Motor has GPS Bluetooth US2 ect. I opened the bottom of box to show that motor was still in plastic. $1300.00
  4. I Cut the box open to make sure everything is alright, as you can see it had never been opened and I didn't unpack. No shipping must be picked near Springfield, MO
  5. 4I bought a new boat today that came rigged, it has this new trolling motor that I don't need. $650.00 these sell tor much more
  6. Good 50gal tank needs some cleaning but ready to go. 300.00
  7. J.M.

    new boat

    I like!
  8. J.M.

    New Spinning Rods

    Rods I like best in order G loomis GLX 20 yrs old ST. Croix avid Fenwick Templefork JMHO
  9. J.M.

    Release boats?

    I am old and bass fish 3or4 days in Sept Oct. when the buzzbait bite is on love the buzzbait. I crappie fish quite a lot and never keep a largemouth bass but if I am wanting fish for dinner and only have 2or 3 crappie I may keep a ky once in a while. Now I will stir the pot a little, if there are so many bass now days why do the bass guys get so upset when people keep a 5lb. LM or any LM for that matter? The same MDC that lets you guys cull is the one that says we can keep a limit of bass. Also I love to striper fish and when I was younger did quite a lot of it. I have heard many bass guys say anytime I catch a striper I slit it open and toss it back.
  10. J.M.

    Release boats?

    It's a money game all about the $$$$'. Taking a female bass off a nest haul her in a livewell all day and releasing 50 miles away seems it would have to have somet effect at least on the spawn. The MDC makes rules that only apply to tournaments and that is not right. I believe for the most part the tournaments boys try to do a good job of taking care or the fish. They play by the rules set by the MDC so you can't blame them . As long as it brings in the $$$'s motels, gas, eats ect I don't think anything will change. i

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