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  1. Well you’re welcome. I say that from everyone in... Missouri. 😁
  2. Camp at Montauk or Quarry Park and you will. You probably don't stay awake long enough to see them since they are primarily nocturnal...
  3. They had one at the airshow this year. Video's do not do them justice.
  4. That would be worse than a skunk I hate skunks. These things literally walked right up to our camp fire like it was nothing.
  5. Mine are all 4-7 years old. They started out smart but now they won't see any WIFI signals. 50 inch smart tv's for under $250 is crazy though.
  6. Better than skunks! We were at Quarry Park on the Norfork 3 years ago and it was crazy. One minute drinking a beer and the next there is a skunk under my lawn chair.
  7. There are some crazy cheap TV's out there now.
  8. I like a good red beer every once in a while. I have to watch my figure though😁
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/recipes/our-readers-“keepers”-the-67-recipes-they-keep-coming-back-to/ss-BBYgNRO?li=BBnbfcL#image=25
  10. The way it’s been going you should bring plenty of drinks😆
  11. Sharks are nothing compared to a salt water croc. They are really aggressive.
  12. Exactly!!! Trout will crowd up in a spot over and over again. I still go to the same spots on the white I’ve been going to for 40 years.
  13. Chicken!!😆. I love inshore salt water fishing. Vicious strikes! I’ve waded with salt water crocs. 2 different locations twice each.
  14. The high the next couple days is 20 degrees and lows single digits. 70’s in Fort Myers. You can have the 20’s. I’ll think I’ll be a snow bird in retirement. Leave after Christmas and I’ll See you in March.
  15. I started watching round 2 but haven’t finished yet. Has anyone learned anything or see areas you normally fish?
  16. As hard as the weather guys tried to make it A big deal it just rained here. I still left work early though. But I do that every Friday.
  17. We’re getting tired of the cold weather in January and February. Just grey cold and nothing to do outdoors.
  18. My wife goes with me. We look at it like a tour or something but with fishing.
  19. I’m booked in April with a guide I’ve used before for red fish in NOLA. $500 clams plus tip for 6am to 1:30 pm with food and fish cleaning. Inshore fly fishing.
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