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  1. I wrote mine to @Chief Grey Bear, Britt himself. Is that correct? I'll mail it tomorrow so if I need to change just let m eknow.
  2. I partiality froze a ribeye and cut it into 1/4 inch thick strips. Marinated in olive oil, salt pepper and garlic. I’ll skewer them and grill. I wanted some street meat kabobs.
  3. I’d be all over that, @MOPanfisher
  4. I know several lakes in the STL metro that hold hundreds of them. 10 pounds is tough though. Good luck and post a picture if you get one please.
  5. I’m trying this.   I fish in a highly populated area so I don’t want to post locations.  So I’ll just put pictures here.    
    I’m not a photographer and I handle the fish carefully and release right away.  



  6. Just catch a bunch of fish with it. That'll answer everything.
  7. Lucky you posted so the “experts” 🤓can tell you everything wrong about it. 😁
  8. I dogged some buddies in Atlanta last series. Needless to say they are chirping now😁
  9. I dogged some buddies in Atlanta last series. Needless to say they are chirping now😁
  10. Yes sir. That's the 17 bridge in the background.
  11. Spiders and snakes pfft! I was on a job site in Savannah Tuesday and we had pipe on the ground near the river. They would heat up during the day and at night the gators loved to crawl inside the warm pipes. They ran off a 12’er Monday. The locals act like it’s no big deal.
  12. @BilletHead smells them. He had a little nest a while back I remember.
  13. Mine are utilitarian as I wanted to get it wet right away. Yours match the rig perfectly. 👍
  14. Questions about future generation are as old as time itself 😆 And I read every one of them, thanks
  15. They were involved in the bed of my pickup with my fly boxes. Low water and that’s all I would’ve used
  16. Stayed at Ryleys (great place!) and fished rim, Buffalo shoals and the dam area. Everywhere was packed with boats. We had a good trip, been doing this for 35 years. Jigged and jerked em the whole time. I’d post more but I had to go to Savannah as soon as I got back. Sittin in the bar writing this up on my phone. First one is just short of a 2 footer. The others were all around 18-20 and inches. I saw @Ham and @Johnsfolly Saturday.
  17. No catfish is worth handling that😆
  18. 4 hits in 2 games doesn’t win championships. Can’t blame pitching, can’t win if you don’t score runs.
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