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  1. Man good luck. Being this close to the metro area the crowds are big.
  2. I'm gonna pass on tomorrow and make it next week. Thanks, Gavin. I still have your anchor.
  3. More than a few years ago. Worse day of my fishing life, seriously. If you ever had a chance to go in their old boat house you would see the most awesome collection of trout mounts anywhere. Must have been 10 mounts of fish and I think all were over 30 inches and caught right there. Best trout water ever. Not sure how it fishes on Min flow because I've never been back in there. In the early morning we would wear out the upper shoal past the trailer and then head down to the field in the afternoon. One year I went did 26 trips there. Man I miss that place. Stupid people would argue with John and Ruth insisting it was public access and refuse to pay $3. They got sick and tired of it and shut her down. I begged them to let me back in but they just wanted to be left alone.
  4. Our first choice was always McCs. That was the best stretch of water ever.
  5. I don’t know what my first year was when I went but I’m 58 and been going to the area since I was a toddler. My moms uncle had a place in gamaliel so we went all the time. We hit the same places every time. Both dams, McCs, handicap and Rim.
  6. Actually me and my buddies still call it that
  7. We used to call it handicap access. By Gully’s house.
  8. Same here. Anymore I just don't give a rats patutty what the style trends are. Unless it's a work deal or wedding or some other event I don't want to go to anyway. Heck I'm renting a suit for a wedding in June this year. What's the point of buying something I'll never wear again until it's out of style. Blue jeans and tee shirt or shorts and tee shirt. That's what I like to wear. If you don't like it just look away
  9. Are the rest of your "outfits" in style? Maybe you should post up some pics....
  10. Try to keep up....That's why I wear the sun clothes. Then I'm adapted just fine.
  11. I go all the time. I'm white, like real white. Like @moguy1973 I just burn on top of burn and frankly.....I'm delicate and it hurts.
  12. But can sunlight actually be so accurate to hit something that small.
  13. Gang Bang is worse than Star Dorks. I sleep just fine no matter which one is on.
  14. Quiet down ole timer or we'll egg your house and car.
  15. She loves the show but she doesn't dress up or anything. I don't mind if she watches it, I barely pay attention to TV either way. Plus I get serious brownie points for watching.... Never heard of Gillmore Girls. I'm glad I guess
  16. Funny you say that. I married a Star Trek freak and she was watching it last night. For the 5000th time
  17. Then people should hit the Katy where it runs along The Missouri River. I don’t know how wide the easement is but it crosses a bunch of creeks and floods knock down bunches of trees. Bug spray. Just sayin.
  18. Like I said I get it. We grew up screwing rollers skate trucks on pieces of wood back in the 70’s. It definitely looks cool as hell. I don’t know the answer so everyone can enjoy the lake they way they want to though.
  19. The only I tasted on a morel was butter and seasoning.
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