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  1. Oh I love that! Nice scooter. I bet it planes out better now
  2. CHEESE😂 small bugger is easier to cast with a fly rod.
  3. Me too! Last year my blood sugar started bumping into pre diabetic range. Even though I was low carb for the previous 3 years. Followed Dr Fung and found out the ole eat 6 times a day to keep your metabolism up is bad. Now I fast 17 hours per day, low carb and 2mad. Took 3 months but my blood sugar is now normal. I haven’t had sugar since Father’s Day but I don’t like the path you get on with blood sugar meds.
  4. Full Circle Organic is 230 mg (10% daily requirement) for one cup. I haven't tried it yet though. The Upshot coffee shop in Cottleville makes and sells homemade. Bunch of different flavors. I'm going to try it.
  5. I’m good I guess. I burn easy. I’ve always been jealous. My brother just gets darker and darker. No sun screen needed for him.
  6. No but I way over tip a dude at our fav Mexican joint. He’s gotta be in his 50’s or 60’s. Been there for years knocking out quick attentive service. $30 bill, $20 tip. Better to hook that hard working dude than any charity. roberto at little hacienda in Hollister mo.
  7. I need to book a gill trip when I’m back in August if they are still stacked. Thx!
  8. Oh! We social distanced. He in his boat me in mine. Drifted together.
  9. They can change whatever they want. I’ll still call it Taney. Those who know will know. Still call Ackerman access handicap from back from the day. No disrespect intended. That’s just what it was.
  10. I’d say you caught some fishes!!!! Nice!!! Love the Mayberry pics😆
  11. I met @Terrierman at cooper creek at 8. Fog. We fished around there for a while then ran to the cable. Never had a sniff down lake by Cooper. First cast at the cable and I hook a good rainbow on a jerker. After that. Nada. I caught one more upstream of trophy run. I think Rick caught one. I only fished a jerker. I just can’t put it down. I didn’t see a lot of catching by anyone including the guide boats. Tablerock tomorrow with the kids then back to Taney Thursday. I guess I could rig up a drift rig with the fly rod but I just didn’t. Rather sleep with a sore arm from the jerker.
  12. Thx! That’s a pretty big cooler for a “short” float😁
  13. A friend shot this video of him a few days ago in Winfield mo. Sorry won’t let me post video
  14. No down lake. I’ll put in at Cooper tomorrow with @Terrierman Try to catch a trout.
  15. Dropped in at 6am Monday 7/6. Never caught a trout.😁 Headed to the pool to cool off.
  16. 17/7 since January 3. Haven’t missed a day yet. It’s a lifestyle. Lot easier to get up early and go fishing. No need to pack food.
  17. And hold the fish out of water for 10 minutes while splainin it. 😆
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