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  1. You need a reel doctor
  2. "due to the thickness of most fillets" -- that's the is problem I have, big thick fillets!! And they really are good guys and gals.
  3. Great idea Phil, I do the same with bass - although they really don't need recruitment help
  4. One of the guys that caught those 9 bass also caught fish so that Virgil Ward could put them on his hook and pretend catching them on his t.v. show.
  5. Fish with a friend if you can, be careful when using lures with more than one hook at night-a strong fish will end up getting a hook in you. And be careful of heavy lures and hook sets - nothing like knowing you missed a fish and your lure is flying back at you in the dark
  6. "I must confess my sin. I eat an occasional bass and they are tasty." *T*, your penance is 2 our Father's and 3 hail Mary's - and then take me fishing with you!
  7. No, some of the top fishermen on table rock lake helped eat the fish - along with some hushpuppies
  8. i'm interested, but the smaller 5 inch screen may be a little small. I will head to bass pro to take a look. Thanks!
  9. Has anyone seen or used a helix 5 si by humminbird? It seems to be a value priced fishfinder - I am just starting to look. Any suggestions?
  10. found this-probably made by a member here
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