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  1. If you go to this link which shows the regatta permits, that might help you decide. the COSTA is not listed?? https://www.mshp.dps.missouri.gov/WP04Web/app/searchRegattaWeb?action=Search+Again
  2. Are the Corps ramps open on Table Rock? Just wondered because of the partial Gov shutdown.
  3. this is not an uncommon characteristic of the members here. good stuff !!!
  4. Prayers continue, Dave, for the entire family.
  5. I usually rig my swim baits on an Owner hook with the center pin. Sometimes with the small spinner blade and sometimes with just the hook. Works for me. http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Owner_Flashy_Swimmer_with_CPS_2pk/descpage-OFSCP.html or http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Owner_Weighted_Twistlock_CPS_Hook_3pk/descpage-OTLW.html
  6. Several of us from our club usually come to the Rock in January or February to try our luck with deep fishing off of the electronics. I try to draw the line around 20 degrees. A decent snowmobile suit, good boos and head coverings seem to work just fine.
  7. Merry Christmas to all.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all, and especially to our brothers and sisters in the military.
  9. I started using this type based on a comment in the recent past from Bill Babler. cheaper in the long run than the Locktite Super Glue https://www.harborfreight.com/10-piece-super-glue-gel-68349.html or https://www.harborfreight.com/10-piece-super-glue-gel-68349.html
  10. Thanks for the reply. That's kind of what I thought too but good to hear it from you
  11. Just got back from a fly in fish camp in NW Ontario. fished Dave's rigs for walleye and smallies and caught enough to make your arms sore, mostly green pumpkin, watermelon red and dirt. Thanks Dave !!!
  12. Nope. a "troop". however, our Congress might well be !!! LOL
  13. Willyh08


    I use the Owner swim bait hook with the centering pin, with & without the underspin blade. A drop of super glue helps hold the bait better than just the centering pin too. Works for me. http://www.ownerhooks.com/basshooks.htm#5167W http://www.ownerhooks.com/basshooks.htm#5164
  14. Dave, I cut the package below the name and store them in an open (no dividers) Plano box. works OK. I also started using the BPS Speed Shad - a bit cheaper, on an Owner underspin with the CPS. Always use super glue too.,
  15. Thought we saw two otters early in December when we were fishing around Baxter, but my partner insisted they were weasels. that's a new one for me - don't think I've ever seen a weasel before.
  16. Just ordered some of these gloves and will try them out and report too. We fished 2 weekends ago and i wore a pair from Galeton called MAX 4.5 waterproof and they worked just fine.
  17. We wimped out and did not try to launch at the south end of either arm. We did fish far into Son's Creek till the water got too skinny. Also launched at Mutton Creek and did run about halfway to Greenfield. Caught lots of 13-14" fish, and a few small keepers. big bass in our tournament was a 8.16 beast !!!
  18. Anyone have recent experience fishing around the Hwy 39 bridge down south or Arcola ? Is the ramp open and is there enough water to fish that far south ? looks shallow and would not expect to run on plane much. I looked on Google Earth and can't tell if the ramp is even there now? Appreciate any help. Lots of looks but no comments. How about the Greenfield ramp? is it usable with the low water? We have a small club tournament at Stockton this weekend and I'd like to try up the river if possible. Willy
  19. we also had a club tx Saturday & Sunday. Lots of keeper fish on wacky rigs, , Neds, spinnerbaits, Warts, almost everything you could throw. 6+ was the biggest one caught the first day, along with lots of 14" fish. I had a bit over 12 lbs for 3rd place. Sunday was much tougher due to the wind. Same places we caught fish on Saturday were too exposed to fish Sunday. Still managed 3 keepers though. Beds were everywhere we stopped, mostly half way back in the smaller cuts in Little Sac,
  20. 06:30 AM - 04:00 PM Stockton State Park Marina Fishing 12 Boats Central States Bass Association 816-914-2012
  21. We caught 2 6+ fish on Saturday & another on Sunday. Almost all on wiggle warts, RCs or stickbaits. Probably the most weight ever for the club in almost 30 years of existence.
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