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I love Bull Shoals 11/14/17 edition

Launched the boat shortly after Sun Up and pulled it out a little after Sundown. I wish the day could have lasted about another 6 hours.

mid 40's air temp, got up to low 50's later. Rain. Some times harder, sometimes softer BUT rain within 15 minutes of starting. That's why I have Good rain gear. Cabela's Guidewear treated me right. Again.

water temp 59-62' water clarity was Awesome. So Fun to watch the fish you are catching pull pull pull

fish are still deep, shallow, and in between. Lots of ways to skin that cat right now. Pick the one you like and find the place to make it work.

I force fed a 17 inch smallie a swimbait in 25 FOW on a wind blown bank. I missed a couple of other bites. I suspect smaller fish that dream big.

picked up my Buddy Lincoln Godfrey. He loves to catch Big crappie. So Big Crappie we did catch. Bobby Garland Baby Shads fished around select boat docks and standing timber. 1/32 and 1/16 oz heads. Of course, you also catch small bass of all three species and other sunfish while doing that.

Godfrey had to bail to return to real life. I turned to boat back out in the cold rain and force fed them drop shot rigs until I got tired of being stupid and pulled out a Ned rig. I found a stretch of bank that was loaded with fish and was getting bit every stinking cast. I had some hook failures and breakoffs which got in the way of numbers. I had a hook failure on a sub keeper walleye. I had 4 Big Crappie on a Ned and a big Bluegill too. I finished with 54.

Pics or it didn't happen. So carry on I suppose.

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7 minutes ago, Ham said:

I'm not sure why crappie were all over the Ned. Tough bite to convert. I missed several others. 


Are you swimming the Ned?  I hardly ever catch a crappie on it, but I tend to fish it on the bottom, which may be the reason.  But on the flip side, I do catch a walleye every once in a while, in addition to the bass.

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