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Two mornings of jerking Taney

Fished the jerk bait on a trip yesterday morning and then again this morning with a friend from high school and his son.  I was in Boy Scouts with this friend and his father was our Scout Master.  I had the pleasure of taking them on a meet hunt yesterday afternoon too. Three generations of them.  Anyways, back to the jerk bait fishing.  Both mornings were cold and no wind with water running.  Yesterday was 1/2 unit and this morning they had it up to 3 for a bit.  The bite was crazy good.  Yesterday a 20 inch rainbow, several smaller ones, a couple of stinking bass, and one big brown lost right at the boat.  Today was good also.  We boated 6 small mouth, 3 kentuckies, a 23 inch walleye, one 20 1/4 inch rainbow, a 15 inch brown and several 12-17 inch bows.  Best bite was from cable to outlet 3.  Good bites on the north side, south side and right down the middle. Threw custom painted mega bass 110 +1 knock off baits in French pearl, ghost shad and rainbow trout flavors.  I love some moving water this time of year.

The meet haul yesterday afternoon on the pink power worm


Yesterday mornings big bow


and some stinkin bass



Some of the fun from this morning 








He made it home with me


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