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  1. Fished my first BFL as a co-angler both days this past weekend. Had a good time and learned a lot of about what you need to do to catch bass out of the back of the boat. Didn’t have much water from my guy on the first day but had a better draw day 2 and at least caught some fish. Nice one that weighted 3.3 was my only keeper and came on a Redfin about 5th cast. Had 4 or 5 that were oh so close on day 2 that could have gotten me a check but they were all just short... I look forward to competing in a few more and seeing how I fair. One thing that seems wild to me is some of the people
  2. https://youtu.be/ZpmbqwHIf2M Castledine sums it up pretty well here. Couldn’t agree more.
  3. Anyone want to throw out their thoughts on 106sv vs 126sv for using livescope up front. Can I get by with 10 or is it worth it to buck up the extra cash for 12 if only using 1 unit at the troller. Thanks
  4. Only 3 five pound fish after 2 days. Kind of surprising to me.
  5. These are from last Friday evening. Lake is up at least 3 ft since then I think. First pic from the truck is where you can take a right to get into the upper lot. Most likely blocked by now I’d guess... they are always on the single swimbait for me. Had a few topwater fish as well. Good luck.
  6. Drove by today and the lights where on with the open Sogn on. Things changed here in SGF yesterday with what businesses can be open and do curbside. I’d call and check in with them.
  7. Springfield Lake dam tonight.
  8. Yep. Definitely saw you. Nice new rig!
  9. I’m sure we crossed paths. I went out of Baxter at 6:45 and made it up to the shell knob bridge. Got off the water at 3:30. Had probably 15 with 6 that measured. Finesse jig, single swim bait, and drop shot. Lost my best fish of the day probably a 4lber. 👎 On to the next one.
  10. https://www.news-leader.com/story/news/2019/09/04/40-pound-taneycomo-brown-trout-just-shy-new-zealand-world-record/2208277001/ nice work Mr. Babler
  11. My whole trip with him happened because he couldn’t get in with y’all on Thursday! Did you get him dialed in? He was having one issue...
  12. My take for these guys and MLF overall is they all like catching bass big (duh) or small if needed ($). It’s more the pieces of the puzzle for them... They would go target big bass all day if they needed too but with the given format and a lake like our beast it’s a numbers game to $100k. Too much moving around equals elimination in most cases. Will be interesting to see if they change minimums next year up or down for certain lakes...
  13. Short update: got a call last week from Dustin Connell. He had just finished a MLF cup event in Arkansas and wanted to know if u wanted to go fishing. Well of course I do DC... We went out last Thursday and flat out caught them up all the way up the James. You could say I learned a ton about electronics and how he approaches different types of situations. After weeding through several schools of mostly spotted bass we (he) spotted a school of largemouth on the electronics and we went to town! It was crazy how he called them out as big largemouth and then caught a 5lber on his first cast.
  14. This video is from stage 6 the first round here at TRL that Martins won. They stayed at our place for stage 7. Jacobs camera man does a pretty good job editing these videos considering he’s going off 3 GoPro’s and not allowed on the boat during tournaments hours.
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