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  1. I am born and raised I’m Missouri, and I am addicted to float trips for smallmouth.
  2. It's sad people like the white snoop have to start problems on the internet just to get some cheap entertainment. Al's knowledge and experience he shares with us on this forum are priceless and I have no respect for any punk that doesn't appreciate it. I for one have caught many fish using information from his posts. You the man al. Don't let haters get to ya. And my advice to everyone else is don't even acknowledge this clown. If we don't respond he gets nothing.
  3. I love to fish tubes. 2 3/4 inch with and 1/8 ounce head shoved inside with the eyelet poking out the side towards the top. That will save you from the fish tearing up your baits as bad. Green and brown type colors. That's my favorite bait on the James. Also love to use Ned rigs, square bill crank baits, and plastic craws.
  4. The best part was watching her swim away.
  5. Decided to go make a few casts after work below the Springfield lake dam in hopes of catching a few bass. I was throwing a pb&j double tail grub and I caught a small bass right off the bat. Keep in mind I'm using a 6 ft rod with 6 lb test. A few casts later I feel the hardest pull on my rod I have ever felt in my life. I loosened the drag and let er run. Every time the fish would turn I would try to make up ground. After about 15 minutes of this and being almost spooled multiple times, the fish got tired. I had no idea what was on the line, I just knew it was huge! I very carefully and slo
  6. I'm my experience when I get frustrated I suck bad at fishing. We all do our best when we are relaxed and using baits we are familiar with I think. Just keep in mind that even if you get skunked, it's still WAY better than being at work. If you approach it carefree I think you will catch more fish. And don't bring bananas. I learned that the hard way.
  7. The water was running just under 900 cfs on our float. Water was a but murky but not too bad. By the end of Saturday after all the rains the river crested around 9000 cfs. As of now it's 2910 and falling so I'm sure it's pretty muddy now but I haven't seen the river since. Should be good in a few days.
  8. Put the canoe in with minnmofishbro at about 8:30 AM with partly cloudy skies. Started out fishing a copper tube hitting structure on the bank all the way to the hwy 14 bridge with 0 luck. Not even a bite. Time to think different. I knew the fish were there somewhere but as learned from Ryan Walker, water was falling and I do believe that makes the fish act weird. I switched to a pb&j double tail grub and started working the edges of rapids and the back flows below riffles. They were in the moving water and you had to fish fast for some reason to get a hit. Didn't catch anything huge but w
  9. Homey don't play dat is a very regularly used phrase in my family!!
  10. I was throwing purple minnows, white, chattruese, orange grubs, small crank, and a small spoon. Basically everything I could think of. The agent was a man in his 40s or 50s. Real nice guy. I have Thursday off and I'm debating going back or trying something else.
  11. I fished Orleans and Taylor both yesterday for about 4 hours walking the banks and I didn't even get a bite. Only saw one fish caught the whole time. Got my liscense checked by a conservation agent. Good to see those guys out and about doing their jobs.
  12. Nice fish. Me and the old lady threw all kinds of stuff around the bluffs by the playground. I hooked one for about 3 seconds and that was it. Need to get my boat out there and invest more time in that lake.
  13. JerryS and myself will be there. I will bring junk food. I have a buddy that runs a snack cake route. I have a feeling his truck is gonna get robbed!
  14. Jerry s and myself should be available both days. But I like 4/22 the best. Good call Quill.
  15. The forecast up here in Springfield is not looking good. I think it would be a good idea to reschedule. I wanna fish this so much but it's looking like it could possibly be bad.
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