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    I bought Knight &Hale's RNG 300 last year and really like it. Well designed and very light.
  2. We knew 28 was catch and release---which was followed. I wasn't aware of the scented soft plastic bait no no.
  3. And yes, I did use power worms in December. Thanks for pointing out that for catch and release you can't use them. I was unaware of this regulation.
  4. Before Christmas, me and a buddy hit 28. I caught 35 in 4 hours using trout magnets, and then power worms off the bottom. My buddy did really well, even though he had equipment and user issues:) Returned in early February, and there were lots of folks out as the ice was breaking up/melting on the lake. Managed to catch 4 decent ones in about the same time as December.
  5. I went today. Great fishing, although cold. In 2 hours caught 15, mostly nice stockers. Used my normal: drifting a white trout magnet. Guy near me caught a 4.5 pounder. My thumbs and forefingers were numb, so it was back to the car. Went down to Cedar Grove to look around for potential turkey hunting spots in April. Saw an Eagle fishing. A great birthday for me.
  6. My Dad and I went down on Tuesday 6/6/17. Beautiful day! The park is loaded with fish due to the flooding. I caught dozens in the span of a few hours, and kept the 4 biggest ones. Had to change how I perceive bites as now there are so many small ones literally everywhere. The stream has changed, but as others have previously mentioned, it's a positive one and natural. Although I keep fish, like BBYking, love going down there to relax and get away from the city. Smallest 4 I've ever kept, but it was the BEST day down there I ever had. If they were bigger, my arm would have worn
  7. That's awesome 10pointer! Hope to catch a lunker there some day. Seems that stocker size is good so far, Hopefully less flooding and having to stock other trout parks will make Montauk great again:)
  8. I was fortunate enough to make it down Saturday, 3/4/17, and Tuesday 3/7/17. Very crowded Saturday morning, but I was able to catch 18 and stopped around 10 am. My keepers ranged from 14" to a little over 16". Fished the lodge hole and down a bit. Today, fished the same area and by 9 am caught 12. Largest was 15", but kept no dinks. I used either white or cotton candy(mauve and white) magnets. Both very fun and successful fishing trips. My 81 year old father fished the social hole using good ole power bait. He caught his limit in 15 minutes. Used orange with glitter.
  9. Water was nice and clear, and suprisingly low for all the rain during the week. Caught 8 in an hour. Four were dinks, including a little brownie. Kept these 4. Nice stockers ranging from 13"-15". All caught floating trout magnets.
  10. I really can't give a definitive answer concerning sediment since I have only been consistently going down there for the last 2 years. What I have seen are that areas in the stream have changed (former minor holes filled up with sediment or new small holes formed) from the large amount of rain had earlier this year. Water levels were high all the way into mid-summer. My Dad fished the social hole earlier this month and caught decent stockers. I normally fish the lodge hole and wade down to the camp bridge. At times, the overall fish size has been small, but I have never came home with all
  11. I wouldn't be surprised. I saw 2 browns moving upstream in the shallower part behind the lodge a few weeks back. Evidently they do this in the fall to try and spawn (although no record of successful natural spawn in Missouri).
  12. Water level and clarity was the same as my last trip. Fished the lodge hole and caught around 20 decent 'bows and kept 4 by 8:30 am. Decided to catch and release south of the camp bridge since I have never fished there. Caught my first nice brown there.
  13. That's great Oneshot! My Dad (from a dirt poor Depression Era family in the Dakotas) taught me similar ways. I have no issue of someone eating fish, as long as they are legal. I fished for trout during last winter at Bush Wildlife and was checked by a nice ranger. Problem was (and other anglers commented as well), the rangers were not checking the hordes of Bosnians that were there. Their modus operendi is to set up a grill; catch a four or more, grill them, and go out and catch more. This continues all day until closing. I saw this too at Meramec Springs, and even asked if it was lega
  14. Water was clear and level seemed normal. I fished Duckworth hole to the beaver dam. Caught 12 drifting white, and orange/ yellow trout magnets. Took me most of the morning to get 4 keepers, but that's part of the fun! Noticed that orange or white dough bait was working, as well as small spinnerbaits.
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