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  1. Absent vandalism of MDC signs, I'd estimate that the special regs signage -- be it for Smallmouth in those regs areas or for Spots in Meramec basin -- last for several years at an access point. Many will fade with weathering particularly if they have a Southern exposure. Our newer, colorful MSA signage still looks good after about 3 years depending on where posted. Keeping signage in good shape at access points is difficult at best. Flooding, vandalism, urgent need for firewood -- all come into play for any structures at these oftentimes remote access points. We've been fairly lucky that our M
  2. Black Bass regs signage from MDC posted at access points in the Meramec River basin where spotted bass regulations have been liberalized. Based on our members observations during annual visits to most of the MDC stream access points across the Ozarks as part of our joint sign posting project with the MDC, we have found these signs to be present at the vast majority of the areas facing the "spotted bass invasion." This sign was in real good shape compared to most. Spot harvest in action -- MSA Prez Matt Wier posting with the days take of spots on Bourbeuse River.
  3. The following appeared in an issue of Bronzeback News, the official newsletter of the Missouri Smallmouth Alliance, back about 5 years ago. As a bit of background: MSA has sponsored a Spotted Bass Round Up fishing 'tournament' on selected streams across the Meramec Basin off and on for the past 20 years or so. During this event, MSA members hold a good natured fishing competition to catch and keep as many spotted bass (up to the legal daily limit of 12), have a total stringer weight weigh-in followed by a fish fry. We've done this over the years on Big River, Bourbeuse River and Meramec R
  4. I've not seen anyone reply yet with regards to the MDC regulations with respect to spotted bass in the Meramec basin. Regs for spotted bass in the Meramec, Big, Bourbeuse, Huzzah, Courtois and Mineral Fork creeks and there tributaries include: No Minimum Length Limit A daily/possession limit of 12 black bass no more than 6 of which may be a combination of largemouth and smallmouth bass -- so you could keep up to 12 spotted bass if you did not keep any largemouth or smallmouth In Smallmouth Bass Special Management Areas (essentially all of Big River, Meramec from Hwy 8 bridg
  5. Saluki -- is there room in your canoe for a Missouri angler interested in Hoosier smallies? I have your fishing pliers from Castor Clean Up last spring (pre-flood). If you take me fishing in Indy next summer, I'll be sure to bring them with me. Great to see you're acclimating well to your new home waters.
  6. I think most all of us are sick of 'fighting city hall' on this topic. I personally like the dedicated MDC fisheries professionals I've been in contact with over the years. I believe they made an honest effort to move Missouri's stream smallmouth bass program forward in this last go round. Many anglers are not entirely pleased with the regs changes they enacted --particularly canning the 18/1 limit on Jacks and Gasconade -- but on balance the regulations regime is better than where it was previously. Could things be better? Certainly. Is it likely that MDC is going to do a lot more work i
  7. To clarify, it was the MDC itself who was proposing these new/extended special management areas based upon results of past studies that showed more and larger average sized fish in existing special regs areas as well as their more recent reward tagging/exploitation study that strongly indicated that the selected section of Current River's angling quality for SMB would improve markedly under a 15/1 regs regime. And in all cases studied by the MDC in the tagging study their own modeling indicated that both numbers of adult smallmouth bass and average sizes would improve in any of the areas surve
  8. Appreciate Gavin, Al's and Spoon's posts on topic. It may or may not be helpful to write the four Commissioners at this point. I'd say that the MDC's mind is likely pretty set on these proposed regs at this stage of the game. But feel free to express your opinion. As others have pointed out, the once-proposed regs on Current River are conspicuous by their absence. 15/1 regs were proposed for Current from Two Rivers to Van Buren but are not being moved forward apparently. We know that the Current River Smallmouth Association was adamantly opposed to these regs on that section of Current Ri
  9. Great message to release slow-growing sportfish such as river smallmouth bass. Nice fish to boot!
  10. Not sure what a gheenoe is exactly. I just put in canoes at that ballpark access and it is a short carry in type of deal. No real way to back a trailer but a short slide/carry down to the bank there.
  11. try some of the lwb crossings upstream of hwy 19 for wade water also the bridge below 19 down to dry fork creek has some wading water in summer
  12. your best bet may be to call kings river outfitters near trigger gap at hwy 221 bridge an old map of his indicates access at 74 bridge then another spot to access river at 21 bridge at boatright creek about 7.5 miles down then it is the marble public landing 6 miles below that next public spot is marshall ford 11 miles below that then is about 15 miles down to rockhouse another private spot is about midway between the last 2 points i think it was called rimkus or similar call ernie killman at kings river for more info
  13. Glad you guys are enjoying Chuck's book. We only have a few boxes left from the generous donation Chuck's estate made to MSA following his passing a few years back. So, hurry up and get yours as the book is no longer in print. You might be able to find some on e-bay somewhere but it's yours FREE when you join MSA for your $20 membership. BTW - Brandon Butler of CFM gave a great presentation on his outstanding organization to the 40 or so folks in attendance the other night. Yes, we did look at lots of "fish porn" slides as well but his real task was to educate our membership on the
  14. If you want to get out of the cabin and talk smallmouth tomorrow evening (Feb 16th), I invite both MSA members and those interested to attend our meeting tomorrow night from 7-9 pm. Conservation Federation of Missouri Executive Director Brandon Butler will be presenting. Brandon is a serious smallmouth bass angler, fine outdoor writer and is doing one heck of a job leading the CFM in Jefferson City. He will be speaking on the Conservation Federation, his love for smallmouth bass fishing and will let us know some of his favorite places to chase bronze across the Midwest. So, come on out for a f
  15. Once again, Al encapsulates the primary concern that conservation-minded, or even those anglers who choose to keep their LEGAL limit of river bass, should all share. Gigging of game fish such as bass is indeed a "problem" whenever and wherever adult bass are taken by these unscrupulous perpetrators illegally. It may not be a widespread problem affecting a stream's overall population of bass, but, with a gigger's ability to target larger adult fish in concentrated numbers as they are found in selected areas in the winter, it can sure put a smackdown on a sizeable stretch of water. Agai
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