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  1. Barren Fork was a tricky one for me as well, was fortunate enough to luck into a really nice colored up rainbow to achieve my silver on the slam. Seems we have a lot in common, as I am headed to college this fall and I also only have the NFOW and the Eleven Point to go. Best of luck to you, maybe we will run into eachother on the water.
  2. My first big smallie came out of the Big River in the Bonne Terre area about 3 years ago. It can't compare with some of the behemoths on this thread, but for 12 year old me it was a special fish. It was on a stretch of river me and my dad fished annually, and he had caught several smallmouth in the 18"-20" range over the years. I had already been having a banner day; having caught twin 16" smallies on a rebel craw on an ultralight setup as well as a 24" channel catfish in a deep bluff hole. As the sun was beginning to set the smallmouth began to aggressively feed on bugs on the surface. At our
  3. I just fished perry today and had a good numbers day. Between the two of us fishing we had 20+ bass (nothing bigger than 12 inches) 8 crappie(all stunted and less than 8 inches) and a big healthy readear a sunfish. We fished the protected Coves with crappie jigs and minnows for the bass, and we fished some stick ups for the crappie. the shad kill seems to have already occurred. Good day on the water
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