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  1. I’ve been trying the flats north of mutton all year since I camp at mutton. Haven’t been able to get a consistent bite going there yet this year. Seems to be better within a few miles of the dam.
  2. Glad to see someone is catching a few walleyes. Only reports I could offer the last few weeks would be what hasn’t been working for me. Hoping to get into some this long weekend! Thanks for your reports
  3. Three good walleye this morning. Two on B.B. and one while trolling flicker shads. Biggest 24” and got it Trolling. Edge of the lats north of Mutton Creek.
  4. Great tip. I’ll give that a try next time. I did something similar up on Smithville Lake this time of year. I used a 1/4 oz. jig with 1/2 of a gulp worm threaded through the hook.
  5. Figured I had found so much good information on this site since I discovered it a month ago that I better post a report. Sunday was our first time out this year and we are new to Stockton Lake. We went out of Mutton Creek south about 6.5 miles and found some walleye. 4 in about an hour. 17” - 20”. Fished a flat on a point at about 13 feet. BB and crawler harness. Chartreuse was the best color. Tried 4 spots I had picked out on the map on our way from Mutton Creek to where we found them. No luck on any of those spots. Looking forward to giving it another try this weekend.
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