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  1. Couple ounces shy of 10-pounder Lindy rigging a leech on Devils Lake North Dakota, a 27.5" wally bottom bouncing crawler on a southeast KS lake, and biggest at Stockton was a 26+" on BB rig & crawler on lil Sac side that I released to grow up.
  2. That' a hawg - thanks for the report Trevor!
  3. Nice haul! See y'all out there this Saturday!
  4. Hawgeye


    The lake is 16 feet high so unless Aldrich is steep and high, probably not. I launched at Cedar Ridge South which still has the dock in. Most others have been removed except the few ramps already mentioned.
  5. Locations mentioned by others, plus you might try around the B7 area of the Big Sac Arm. With decent electronics, you'll find the flats in that and adjacent area extending well out into the lake. Don't forget areas where the underwater channel swings butt up to bluffs or points. Good luck. I'll be out tomorrow morning around 7:30ish with the wife on another part of the lake. If that area proves unproductive, I'll likely head to the B7 area - blue on gray G3 V172.
  6. Nice - Great to see kids involved!
  7. Roger that od, paying it forward after learning from many who've been on here much longer than me!
  8. Thanks, doesn't get much better than deep fried hush puppies, walleye and crappie.
  9. It was my intention to post this much sooner but long work days got in the way. My brother-in-law (pictured) was up from Texas so I took him out to catch a deep-fried dinner. We beat the heat and made quick work of it after launching @ 8am. Fishing the Little Sac side, we wrapped up our trip within 2 hours with our limit in the livewell: just off the edge of a flat, 19 - 23ft, 1 to 1.2 mph, 1.5 BB, spinner crawler harness - chartreuse, orange and firetiger blades. Except for 2, all walleye between 19 - 24 inches. If I fished any shallower or deeper than the 19-23, bluegill robbed us.
  10. Type "Walleye" in the search box in upper right corner of forum page and you'll find lots of info. Search particularly for entries dated for the time of year you're fishing. Personally - multiple applications with half crawler and keeping it simple. Heading into summer, 10 - 20 ft near bluff ends with channel swings close and the flats areas with close access to deep water. Similar to shooting a bow, focus on key spot(s) rather than on a broad target area IF you have a good map or a fish finder showing structure.
  11. Thanks for the updates guys! I work so darned much that it's rare for me to get anywhere near enough me time in the outdoors. It's even rarer that I fish this time of year since what little time I do get, I normally spend bowhunting. Darned if my son and I aren't bringing the G3 out this Saturday to throw some tackle at the Stockton walleye and crappie. I was realizing to my wife that this will be the first time I've ever been on a lake this time of year without it being on the ice fishing for walleye, crappie, perch and pike on Devils Lake, N.D. and Twin Lakes Minnesota in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. Keep it coming...I don't talk a lot on here, but I sure pay attention to what you're saying!
  12. Hawgeye


    Thanks Oberst, of all the stuff in my boat, a lure retriever is that one thing I don't have in the boat and need to get, especially considering all the rigs I've lost on a couple mid-lake points this summer. I'll search the forum's archives for recommended retrievers.
  13. Hawgeye


    Thanks, I'll do just that. I picked up some mooneye jigs earlier this week so I'll get some gulp minnows and try them next trip out.
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