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Big M area 4/28


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Got out at 6 AM, fish were biting really well early, and quite a bit of top water activity was going on.  Then things really slowed down about 1030 AM.  Coincidentally this is about the same time I saw Champ out on the water, dunno if his presence had anything to do with the bite drop-off, but I could not help but notice the complete shut down of fish activity.

Caught 20 bass, 3 keepers.  Most on the c-rig with a craw, I think about 5 or 6 on top water, on the Spro Rat and a Spook, but none of the top water fish were over 12".  Did have a huge blow up on the spook, it knocked the spook about 4 feet in the air, but no hook-up.  I would really have liked to have caught that fish.

Caught a flathead on the c-rig,next cast caught a walleye on the c-rig.  I bet I will never again catch a flat head and a walleye on back to back casts.

Water temp 63-64.  Didn't see too many beds, but spotted some 12" bass cruising the shallows.




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