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Big M, 5/18


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Today was one heck of a day, I caught more bass today than I have on any one day on Table Rock.  Things got off to a relatively slow start, fish were hitting top water, but not like they were last Friday early.   Got some off a gravel point, then moved down lake and got a few off a cove mouth in the deep water.  Moved again, found some blowing up in 30 FOW near the main channel and caught a few more.

Moved up river a ways, found a bunch of them off a rocky cove point feeding on shad.  I sat in that spot for close to two hours and got bit on just about every cast.  If they missed that top water, they would come back for it, and keep at it until one of them got hooked.   Just couldn't get any better. 

Best bait was a 130 size Whopper Plopper in, well I think they call it Sexy shad, white with a gray back, and a chartreuse stripe on the side.  A fish broke off the front treble somehow, broke that hook right at the eye.  I thought what the heck, I should still be able to hook them on the back treble, but it wouldn't happen, probably missed half a dozen before I changed that lure out.  They would blast it all the way back to the boat, and I could see them come if from the side and grab it, but just couldn't get them on the back hook.  Kind of neat just to see them taking shots at it.

I didn't have another 130 Plopper, so changed it out for a 90.  The double above came on my first cast with the 90.  It caught fish too, but it got breezy and it was hard to see it, so I changed out again, this time to the Yellow Magic Havana.  They tore that thing up for a while, did some real damage to the paint.

The top water bite shut off at about 1130, I poked around for a while with a C-rig and UV Speed craw and picked up several with that.

No bigguns, caught a couple of 3 lb. largemouth, and many chunky keeper sized spots.  Not getting hardly any small mouth, I caught 2 smallies today, one on the c-rig and one on a Keitech.

Keitechs will catch fish, but it's hard to put that top water down.

Water temp was 66-67.



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Quill, nice day for sure.  I agree it is hard to put down that topwater when they are crushing it.  Hungry critters after the spawn aren't they?  Thanks for the report and pictures.  That first picture of the double reminds me of two kids grabbing for the last pork chop and neither will let go. lol


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Great report and pics.  Had to be just a really fun day with the top water bite.

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