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Finally got to Fish with Mr Mitch Fields


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We met up around 7 and fished the Gasconade this morning. Things started off a bit slow, but we figured out what they wanted soon enough and things picked up. Mitch is a master with a crankbait and I enjoyed watching him go to work with them. I definitely learned a few things watching him today. We had several nice largemouth as well even though we weren't really targeting them. Not long in to fishing, I drifted in to a stump and busted one of the blades off my trolling motor prop, so we basically went on a glorified float trip instead of covering 20 miles of water like I had originally planned on, but we still caught plenty of fish. The best fish of the day was a 17" smallmouth that Mitch caught and we also had a couple largemouth about 2.5 pounds. I did have a big momma largemouth actually fly out of the water trying to eat my spinnerbait. It looked about like one of those great whites breaching for a seal! To top it off, we fished about 5 minutes too long and got caught in the crazy thunderstorm right as we arrived back at the ramp. There was another boat waiting to take out so I had to hang out in the river as I got blasted by big waves and torrential rain. The pucker factor was around an 8/10 for a little bit!

Here's a few pics from the day. Mitch had another 2# largemouth that we didn't get a pic of and I had another 2-2.5# towards the end, but my GoPro had filled up the storage card and cut the video short. I had a blast and look forward to doing it again.





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Sweet!!!!!.... bummer on the Trolling  motor blade....nice report.

Mitch is one of the most generous dudes you will ever fish with a yes you're correct he is a crank master....he has shown me some things that I was never able to learn over my 47 years.

Wow could Seth be joining  the Stl5???....even though it's  not the Stl5. ...more like 5 river fishing  dorks willing to do anything  for a 20 :)

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Seth showed me a thing or two today as well! That storm was pretty bad! We hauled tail to the ramp to find a guy trailering his boat by himself! 2-3 ft white caps and trees breaking and falling on the other side of the ramp! Scary stuff but great memories! Thanks Seth!

"Honor is a man's gift to himself" Rob Roy McGregor

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3 hours ago, snagged in outlet 3 said:

What happened to the yellow shirt??

It was in the washer. Sorry to disappoint. B)

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