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3/23 Indian Point area


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Mary and I put in at Moonshine at 12:30 pm and fished til 3:30 pm. We hit 2 coves and found fish in both. Most of the fish were further back than last week. WT was 54.7 to 57.2. Caught fish on the Ned, RC and had a huge swing and a miss on a spinnerbait off the corner of a dock. 2keeper SM and 1keeper LM along with numerous 12-14" of both. Lots of green slime in the very clear water. Wind really picked up so we took the wild ride back to the ramp. Beautiful day to be on the water.


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Nice work and a great day. Congrats. Exactly what a buddy told me about the dam area.  The shad were moving heavy into the pockets and creeks down there and the fishing had picked up considerably.  He put in at State Park this a.m. and already sent me pix of a 3+ smallie and a super fat Kentucky.  He said the water is pretty clear and mentioned the slime. Another buddy told me the James was slow for him yesterday.  Amazing how one area is good and another poor, but that's TR. Congrats again.

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Mike, thanks for report. This is my neck of the woods... or, lake.

I've found just about the same thing as you have mentioned. Temps have been  steady at 54* under the large houseboat dock at Indian Point Marina for almost a week now. 

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