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Crappie report - Kings


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Annual weekend trip with my dad to find some slabs... 

Friday March 31st - cold as hell!  Went to 2 of our normal honey holes without a bite.  Didn't catch our first fist until about 10:30, which was a nice 13 inch black crappie that came off of pole timber. (We had been fishing too shallow).

Proceeded to hit a brush pile after that where we pulled in 5 fish, lost another 2.  One of which was a 14.5 inch fat female.  We fished hard hitting deep trees as we couldn't find fish shallow that day.  Ended up with only 14 but we only had one fish that was under 12 inches.  All of the rest were in the 12-14 inch range with two fish measuring in at 14.5 inches.  Water temps 57-58.  It was one of the nicest stringers of crappie we've had off the lake in a long time.  The picture just doesn't do it justice!  Females on trees 6-8 ft down in 20+ foot of water.

Saturday April 1st - went back to the same tactics hitting deep trees and finding the big fat females.  Ran clear up the river and found one spot where the males were almost on the banks and we proceeded to catch about 15 nice ones out of there.  Didn't catch our limit but we were ok with that.  On the way back in we decided to hit one of our favorite trees for the 2nd time that day.  Earlier we did not catch a fish off of it but my dad had a good feeling so we pulled in.  I put on the biggest minnow in the bucket and dropped him down.  2 seconds later my line was tight with a huge 16 inch crappie.  It had me wrapped around the tree and I had to stretch my rod out to try to unwrap the fish.  Finally we got her up and in the net.  What a beast!  Personal best for me!   Great way to end the day.  Females still on trees, males off the bank 7-10 ft down.  Ended with 27 I believe.. Water temps as high as 61.7

Sunday - Went back to where we found them close to the banks.  Started off slow with only 3 fish out of the spot.  Moved a bit and found some more.  Had a good day fishing and we were close to our limit but said good enough and came in.  On the way back in we stopped back at our favorite tree where I had caught the 16 inch crappie on Saturday.  No bites on that tree but we hit the tree next to it and wham.. another 16 inch crappie!  Dad was jealous as I caught both of the big ones.  Ended with 26 fish.  Water temps little cooler at 60.2

On the way back to the dock my dad got another one of his feelings so we pulled over to a couple deep trees near the island by the white/kings mouth.   Dropped on the first two.. nothing.  The third one I got a hit.. set the hook and drag just started screaming off my crappie rig.  I fought the fish for a good 30 seconds not being able to turn him at all.  Finally got me wrapped in the tree and got off.  Figured it was a nice bass but never got to see it.

So that was the end to our trip.  Was great and we ended with a nice mess of fish for the frying pan.












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Man, that's well done!  Great report and story all wrapped up in one.  

Good for dad too.  Gotta take care of us old guys every now and then!

I gotta say, though, if that Powercat stuff is the secret then I'm gonna have to keep buying my fish at the store!


"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."  George Carlin

"The only money ever wasted is money never spent."  Me.

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Great report! Would like to be able to devote a day to crappie fishing around this time of year but I am always after the green and brown ones with my limited time. Thanks for the report, stories and pics!

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