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Incredible Weights - BPF Tournament

Phil Lilley

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Couple pictures from the last couple days off Facebook. Credit lilleys page and Eric prey. Pretty easy to see the hot spot.  Crazy how these 2 pictures are lined up almost perfectly in the same spot. They both have stubby noses but they sure aren't the same fish.  Trout Hollow had a nice rainbow on their page this morning as well. The lake is exploding with quality fish this week no doubt. 



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31 minutes ago, MoCarp said:

Ideas on the surge of bigger fish? more food, less catch and keep pressure? more dissolved O2?

No idea

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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That is wild. We are lucky to see more than just a couple of rainbows over 3# in the four winter tourneys. Were any of the big fish browns or was it all rainbows?

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didn't the state say they thought of experimenting with  the idea with stocking less fish? or did so by necessity because of the flooding and showed a spike in fish growth? was a thread on that a while back

MONKEYS? what monkeys?

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