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Please Come Take Your Weather Back!


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We haven't had anything like this since 1933 so I don't think you can blame us😀  

That being said it's 24 degree here at the Lodge and a few minutes ago a boat passed headed toward Long Creek. First one I've seen in a week

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I know for a fact that the weather we are having here in Missouri was due to a mistake at the National Weather Service.  They had a new hire that thought MO stood for Minnesota.  So they gave us their forecast.  Our dumb luck because the one time in history the National Weather Service got a forecast right it gave us Minnesota weather!😀

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19 hours ago, dblades said:

Texas will be back in the 70's in a few days. What I can't believe is how they run the power grid.

Here is the deal on Texas. They chose to not be part of a national or regional coop. They are the only state outside of Alaska and Hawaii that does not belong to the big power grids we have in the US where we are able to help each other. 

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Recorded minus 28 on my way to work the other morning....yes that is in Nebraska but it was the coldest on record.

For a moment I thought that Nebraska had won a football game and hell froze over! 


A Cornhusker

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I’m certainly ready for the big thaw. Checked on my boat yesterday at Holiday Island Marina, locked up in ice. Hope to get out Monday and Tuesday to probe for Walleye running upstream. Its that time, or would be in a normal year. I honestly don’t know if I can get out of the slip on Monday.





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