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Sucker Fest 4/3/21


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As some of you might be aware, I'm on a bit of a multispecies kick right now. You can't max out your species count if you ignore some fish that swim all around you all the time. I've struggled catching suckers in the past, but I think Spring is the time to really fish them. 
A coworker that has since retired gave me an old Ugly Stick and I put a crummy Lews spinning reel on it with some 8 lb nano. I tied in some P Line CXX Strong leader with a 1 oz bank sinker and a 1/0 circle hook. I put a full night crawler on there and slung it in the Creek.

Before I could tie a hook on the other rod, that Ugly Stick was dancing in the rod holder. It was as I feared, a carp. A BIG carp. I took me a long time to beat it down and sort of get it in the net. 

I re-baited and re-cast and before I could finish tying the sinker on the other rod, I had a sucker on. Compared to the carp, the sucker came right on in. I think it was a Black redhorse, but clearly, I barely know anything about suckers.

I was heaving the 1 oz out there pretty good And fishing up close with an Airstream rod, 6 pound  CX Premium leader a #2 circle hook and a 1/2 oz weight. There was a decent flow and I didn't want the baits to wash away. 

Next fish was on the Ugly Stick and I think it was a Golden Redhorse. It was smaller.

I finally got a sucker on the Airstream. I hate to guess what it is, but it had a lamprey attached. I was on a high bank area and could not net it and the dang lamprey let go before I got the fish on dry land. Close but no cigar.

Next fish was on Airstream also. My Northern Hog Sucker. It eluded me last year, but not in 2021z

Last sucker of the day came on the Ugly Stick. It was pretty good sized and seemed to be full of eggs. I got a few pictures and gently released it. I am asking for help IDing it

I left them biting to go be frustrated by darters, but even that ended fairly well. 
Pics to follow. Maybe @oneshotwill chime in and tell me what I caught. 

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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