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For you guys living or fishing on either Truman or lake O.  Please tell me you are watching Mike Baker videos. 

That guy is putting crappie in the boat on either pond at ridiculous numbers. His longline trolling technique with either cranks or jigs is something to see. 

Set up cost is going to be several hundred, but this method is not going away so once you purchase the hardware your probably set for life. 

Check him out if trolling and catching a ton of fish is your bag. 

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Dude has professional equipment is excellent with all forms of electronics and from a guides stand point absolutely knows where fish live in all seasons. 

He has paid the dues and put it out there for everyone to see. Dude is not a guide but a federal license is all he needs and he would be a 2 trip a day guy for as many days a year as he wants. 

Has the perfect personas and temperament for the job. Excellent educator and there are multiple tips in every video to make you a better fishermen. 

You all need to watch him tear up both Lake O. And Truman.   Crappie, Blues, Whites any season, he is totally all over them and gives it all to you at no cost, and in lay persons terms on equipment, patterns and how to in every video.
I’ve been following him for years but he has really stepped on the gas this year and his content is amazing. 

Good Luck



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Mike is a wicked good crappie fisherman.

Never known him to spend much time on Whites or anything else though, with exception to the occasional catfish outing.  Honestly, Lake O has at least one badass crappie killer living in every cove.

Mike Baker definitely has his video editing skills dialed in.  He has fun with it.

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Wrench, what has impressed me is his open water knowledge. I heard him say in one of his vids that he believes only 10% of crappie live on structure. 

He employs tons of open water techniques that we all could follow, just takes a set up. 

Guy, has forgot more about catching crappie than the majority of us will ever know. 

I traced the path he was fishing in Rainey this Spring with the spider. Also he has shot a ton if stuff in Procter Creek. 

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You'll know if there is a crappie tourney going on because 90% of the boats will be in either Rainy or Proctor...... Lots of slabs in those areas.

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I never had any trouble finding/catching enough crappie to satisfy my needs. Even way back when I had cheesy equipment and didn't know anything about fishing.     I hate to knock it, to each their own, but I truly can't understand how guys can get so ate up with chasing crappie.  Even the big barn-door sized ones don't fight.   

I always kinda figured that crappie were put on this earth for Women and Children, and for people who really don't like to eat fish..... Easy to catch, they fillet like butter, and no "fishy taste".  

I'll go out and get a couple messes in the Spring, Fall, or Winter.....and then I'm done with them.

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