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Weekend trip


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Pretty late report here, training in a new position at work all week and I've been swamped learning everything.

Put in for a few hours at the dam Saturday night and caught some fish on a mix of Neds and swimming a 4" smoke grub. Ned took big fish with a largemouth a little over 4.


Saturday we launched in KC and caught them pretty good in the morning on jerkbaits. They seemed to prefer the Berkley Stunna 112+1 over the MB.


Got tough when the sun came out. I'm a shallow water guy, like if I can't touch bottom I feel like I'm too deep, but I got off the bank and started dropping on some deep fish with a drop shot and flat worm. For the last 2 hours of our morning, I doubt there was 5 minutes between fish and a lot of back to back catches. They weren't monsters, but good numbers of fat, keeper sized spots anywhere from 25-60 feet of water.


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5 hours ago, m&m said:

Great pictures of healthy fish but the way you’re bundled up it looks really cold. 


It was way colder and windier than what they had forecast it to be. As per usual though, those nasty days sure seem to get the fish biting and we saw very few boats. I don't remember seeing another boat while we were on the water Saturday afternoon at the dam. 

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