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Quick trip report 7/12

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Got on the water a little after 5 and done by 9 or so.   Lots of stockers and these nicer ones.  Including a walleye!   I’m headed to a fish fry tonight and I’ll be over there again tomorrow morning.   I’ll be down here for 3 weeks or so and I’ll post when I can.  Gotta love working remotely.   




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10 hours ago, Quillback said:

That's a fat brown!  You didn't put quotation marks around "working", so I assume you will actually do some work during your stay?  😀

Yep.  Fish early and work the rest of the day.  It's 4:30 and I'm heading back over after a cup of coffee.  One of the guys at the fish fry caught the fattest rainbow you ever saw.  19 inches but fat as a football.

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Went back this morning.  NE wind, "cooler"😄and clear.  Couple dinks and two decent ones on for a few seconds then I quit.   Dozens of chasers to the boat.  I bet a fly rod bobber rig would do better but I just don't prefer that anymore.  Might have to though if the weather doesn't change.  Come on clouds and rain!!! 

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