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The walleye bite has been very consistent since late June but the last week or 2 it has been amazing.   The last 2 trips combined we have caught 89 walleye with 31 of them being keepers.  And a few over 20 inches wich I consider to be big walleye on Stockton.  Bottom bouncing  harnesses in 16 to 20 ft has been best.  Sorry can't get any pics to down load.

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Thought about heading out this evening and trolling, but it was still 100 at 7:30. Thursday is looking better. 

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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Hit the lake solo for a couple hours this afternoon and put 10 shorts in the boat, no keepers. Jigging raps 15-22ft.

Crappy pic, there wasn't too much worth taking pictures of, but still a very fun time.




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