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Nav lights?

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Boat's got a 3-way switch, with "NAV" above & "ANC" below. Front nav lights illuminate in NAV position, but not the stern/360 white light. In the ANC position, however, the stern light works just fine. Nothing in the middle position. Any ideas what's going on & how to fix it? Much thanks in advance.

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Okay, I'm assuming bad switch. Pulled the switch panel out & all 3 switches (lights, bilge, live well) were pretty nasty & the housings looked corroded & nasty. I'm gonna preemptively replace the switches & see what happens. There was apparently a mouse in there at some point, so if a fresh switch doesn't fix it, I'll start looking for chewed wires.

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Sometimes it’s just worth it to start replacing things on an older boat. Switches are one of those. Bilge pumps/aerator is another. 

TinBoats BassClub.  An aluminum only bass club. If interested in info send me a PM. 

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Sounds to me like it's not repairable, and it may be time to sell it.  You just happen to be in luck, I'm willing to take it off your hands, just a shame that they are only going for $150 nowadays.  LOL. Sounds like you've done the hardest part.  Keep at it and let us know how it's going.   

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Here's a pic of the nav light switch.

If I have this semi straight, it looks like the top right spade is jumpered to the lower left & the wire out of the lower left should power the bow light. With the switch in the up position marked "NAV", the bow light works, but not the stern/anchor light. I get how the up position powers the bow, but don't see how it would power the stern.

Middle 2 spades run to the fuse & I get that. However, that middle left spade is a double (?) spade & I have no idea where the blue wire goes nor it's function. I'm guessing ground?

With the switch in the lower position, marked "ANC", the anchor light illuminates, but don't understand how that position , as wired, is supposed to prevent the bow light from illuminating. Is it a left/right thing with the spades? From what I can find/see online, it looks like maybe I need to flip-flop the wires connected to the upper right spade to the lower left?

Or do I have it all mixed up? Near as I can tell, it's the factory wiring, but from online pics it almost looks "upside down", which doesn't make sense either, with the up = bow only & down = stern only thing. Or am I an idiot, the switch is wired correctly & I just need a new switch? Don't know what to do about the blue wire & double spade, though. Haven't seen a DPDT switch like that in my online searches.

Those switches are grody. New replacements are on the way.

boat nav light switch.jpg


Side question- what is this jack? Looks kinda like a cigarette lighter or 12v outlet of some sort.

boat mystery plug.jpg

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