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Boys Caught Them Again in the Dirty Water

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Couple of buddies out yesterday at the Knob. Not as many numbers as the past 4-5 days, but some really Biggins. 

Bite changed a bit and that’s maybe why  the fish were bigger.  LM and K’s could both be caught but were in different parts of the water column. 

Both teams practicing for the tournament Saturday so that’s all I can do now. 

Water is falling like a rock, clearing and getting cooler. May not bode well for their bite. 

Both teams had several LM over 4 and several K’s pushing 3 pounds. 

Good Luck Guys. 



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Had a couple of hours so I sneaked out at 1pm yesterday and fished to 5pm. Tried the dirty stuff from SK to Viola, caught one keeper on a blade and 3 shorts on a wart. 

Water is really clearing, even in the stained there is 3 plus feet of visibility. 

Threw a 1/2 oz.Jig with a 4” craw trailer and had 1 more short. 

Decided to run up the White a ways and pulled out a 3/8 tungsten GP jig and a Mini Berkeley Max Scent Craw trailer. 

Fished 3 points in clear water boat in 25’ caught 8 with 4 solid keeps. Water is super clear above the Kings River. Caught them on the same points I did when the water was muddy.  Depth I’m guessing between 10’ and 15’. 

Tossed the JB on the same 3 points and no love, fish were stuck hard to the bottom. 

Surface temps on the White 50 degree. Temps up the Kings up to 53 in the backs of pockets. 


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9 hours ago, Bill Babler said:

Just saw up to 4.52 inches for Harrison/ Branson on Thursday afternoon thru Friday. Yuck. 

Weather guy last night was calling for 2-4 inches in NWA.  

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27 minutes ago, Bill Babler said:

That much water in the Basin with what we already have and there are going to spawn with the squirrels. 

Might end up with old fridges and hay bales floating in the lake like a few years ago.  Should have a good picnic table bite too.

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