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BP Rod Reel Trade In

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Well, this is the program that perhaps got me at the time almost 20 years ago down on BP.  
Won’t go into the details but it was a huge Bait and Switch. 

This year for the 1st. time in 15 years Shimano and Daiwa products are included. 

I spoke with a representative named Chelsie on the phone. What a wonderful person. She told me BP has never had a program shrouded with more positives and more clouds of improprieties. 

To change that this year neither Daiwa or Shimano is giving the discounts, but BP is giving them on the Shimano and Daiwa products to make the field even with no thoughts of these problems. 

Every Shimano/Daiwa that you buy on the program, BP is losing money as they will not be compensated by either company. They of course know you will make other purchases while in the store and were  just totally tired of the negative feed back  

Chelsie, absolutely guaranteed me I could get a smooth trade, no hassle. 

About 10 years ago, for only 1 year Falcon came out with a couple of spinning reels. Their small one was called a Moxie.  They sold retail for $65.00. Phil sold 15 in his shop that I got him. I have 10 or so and use them for crappie. I took 5 of them up to BP in their original box that worked perfectly. I had used them maybe 100 times each. I always keep the box. They were in great shape, but used.  

Trade-in was smooth as silk except “Of Course, they had only one Tatula SV Elite.”

This time rather than trying to sell me a Johnny Morris reel the young man at the counter said we will get on the computer and deliver them right to you within 3 days with no charge and your discounts applied.  

WHAT😀😀😀😀. My Gosh, how times have changed. To say I was impressed is a total understatement. 

I was helped immediately and professionally and I truly appreciated it. Don’t hesitate to use this program and update THIS YEAR. 

Good Luck


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That's good to know Bill.  I did a reel trade in last week and asked the guy at the counter if Shimano was included and he didn't think it was.  Might go back and trade another and ask again.

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Thanks Bill for the heads up as I did not get the flyer.  I guess I am not in Johnny's good graces anymore since I do not shop there much anymore but I  would have thought that the new Ranger boat 3 years ago would have done so for some long time.

I went to the Branson Landing store and was able to order a Tatula $40 off.  Better yet since my kids give me BP gift cards for presents I got the reel for nothing.

One caution - Bass Pro recently started using handheld devices (like cell phones) to place orders.  It took 2 boys and a man to place the order.  Note not 2 men and a boy as I kidded the young men that I doubt if the old timers could deal with the new ordering technology.  They said that was exactly right.


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19 hours ago, gabe said:

That's good to know Bill.  I did a reel trade in last week and asked the guy at the counter if Shimano was included and he didn't think it was.  Might go back and trade another and ask again.

Gabe, in Spfg. You drop your reel or reels in a tub at the information booth. They give you a certificate and based on ANY BRAND of reel you purchase the appropriate amount of discount is deducted at the checkout. 

In Springfield I was told by a store manager and on the phone also told, THIS YEAR all brands were included and gave the reasoning in my initial post. 

Im assuming you’re at the store in Broken Arrow. If they are not giving the same as the flagship store I’m going back on the disappointed list. 


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Pardon my ignorance but like others here I haven't wasted my time with this deal in many many years (and for the same reasons) so I don't really remember how it works.

Is it one trade in per new reel purchased?

Or can I trade in five used reels for basically a "free" Tatula?

Again, sorry if it's a dumb question but then I AM dumb and old to boot so please be kind........🤷‍♂️

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups."  George Carlin

"The only money ever wasted is money never spent."  Me.

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I did my reel trade in OKC. The guy at the counter didn’t seem to know for sure but didn’t think Shimano was included since they haven’t been in the past. Was looking at getting a Shimano Vannford spinning reel. Going to go back and try again. 

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At the Branson Landing store, there is a code that the sales clerk punches into the handheld devices to get the appropriate discount.  Nobody knew how to do it but they finally figured it out.  The tub (Bill referred to) is at the fishing counter at the Branson store.

I think you could get as many Tatulas as you want for one crappy old reel and $169.99 for each ($209.99 - $40).  Also you can buy a reel from the entire catalog and have it shipped free to your house.  Since some if these better reels rarely or ever go on sale, this is probably as good as it is going to get, price wise.

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4 hours ago, Browning Guy said:

Enter promo code 23Trade20, 23Trade30, 23Trade40 or 23Trade50

that kinda looks like the code those guys were using would not hurt to try - I don't think they care about the reel - the one I turned in looked like it was run over by the truck 

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One reel per trade for one reel you want.  You can trade multiple reels. I bought 5 so I traded 5.  
Shimano is included as is Daiwa. First time in 15 years. 
Read my initial post closely. This and the reasoning is from BP corporate in Spfg.  

I purchased the Tatula SV Elite. $249.99. I got $50.00 per each real purchased and each reel traded in. $250.00 off 5 reels.   

The way it worked I bought 4 and got one free.  The five I traded in worked fine but had no monetary value. 

Can’t make it simpler. 


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