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The wife and I made a short bank fishing trip yesterday just to get out of the house.

Started about a mile from twin bridges. Water was very green for this time of year. Lots of boats. Water temp was 44 degrees. I was really surprised by how much things had warmed up. Visibility was about 5 feet.

Also stopped at cc. Hardly any boats there. Water was slightly green and stained. Visibility was about 3 feet. Water temp was 46 degrees. Incredible!! Ten days ago the wife and I did a drive by and there was ice on the back of shallow coves. Water is warming way too fast. Had a couple hits on minnows but nothing to show for it. Beautiful day to be out for sure.

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22 hours ago, Dutch said:

Good for you getting out.  I would have loved to be on the water yesterday or today but life has gotten in the way.

Boy, do I understand that comment. A severe accident and a herniated disc with back surgery has really slowed me down to say the least. That was my first trip to the lake since last September but at least I was able to get around fairly comfortably. Will try to go again next week.


Hang in there everyone. spring is coming!!

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Went to a spot about a mile from cc. Water 47 degrees with 3' clarity. water was a little milky looking. This is a good winter spot for cats and the wife and I got into a few but they were only around a pound. Caught a lot of bass when trying to fish shallower. Say 10 to 15 feet. All were small as well.

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