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  1. 13lb Brown in Zone 3

    I'm guessing, that it came up from the river to get in cooler water.I
  2. 13lb Brown in Zone 3

    Hard to say. Lots of times fish caught on bait are doomed anyway. Plus bigger fish can't take the stress of being caught and released. Nice to see some big fish caught once in a while though.
  3. How's Fishing?

    Yeah yeah........ keep rubbing it in. I'll remember that when y'all are freezing your arses off and I'm out in Vegas.
  4. Some fishing for me.

    Glad to see you getting out, Jerry. How is the wife doing?? Hope all is going well. I should be back in MO sometime in the next couple weeks. Be glad to feel some moisture in the air and see something green.

    They are better filleted than I thought they would be. Still rather have bluegill.

    This is the agents way of fishing out the bad apples. I think their time would be better served if they would just put in the hours on the stream looking for violations that pertain to wildlife regulations. A few days at various random times undercover would yield a lot more violations than a check point. People just need to see them out there keeping people honest. I know the manpower isnt isn't what it used to be, but they should still be able to do the field work other than a roadside check.
  7. How's Fishing?

    Hopefully it stays here when I leave here next month. It's brutal. Can't wait to get home. The cold water coming out of the faucets here is as warm or warmer than bath water.
  8. How's Fishing?

    Finally made it up part of the mountain with my 2wd dually. I knew it was hotter up there than down hill. But I didn't realize it was that bad. Granted there is about 4 pieces of equipment running up there.
  9. How's Fishing?

    I think when or if I make it back I'm gonna lay in the spring till I get hypothermia.
  10. How's Fishing?

    Same here. I'm on a job from hell. Temps near 120 degrees for another 4-6 days. If i live I should be back in mid July.
  11. 5/30 Big changes,

    I get that much. The stream is a living thing. I'm sure that it wasn't going to be the same as before the flood. But, after the water goes back down to an average level people will get a better idea of how bad things really are. I was down a couple years ago after some real bad flooding and while it was still high, I also thought that it was going to be a total mess. Turned out that it just filled in some places and washed out others. Not really as bad of a deal than I originally thought it was going to be. I thought that it made for somewhat of a challenge to find new pockets and seams that held fish. I guess some people like fishing the usual places and prefer things that way. I like the changes as long as it's not dangerous for people to fish. But, i'm sure there'll be some work that gets done to remove sand and gravel as well as erosion repairs.
  12. 5/30 Big changes,

    Exactly what makes it a mess??
  13. Stream Conditions

    Fished Saturday afternoon from 3:30pm till around 7:15. Stream was up and running pretty good. I believe it as close to 3' by the time I got on the stream. The clarity was pretty decent for the amount of rain they got Friday. With the Ozark fly fishers in town for their deal it was pretty crowded. I still managed to find some open water to fish and catch about 2 dozen fish. Fished an egg pattern with chartreuse and orange with a tungsten bead to get it down deep quickly. Size 12 with an 1/8" bead. You had to get a good drift with a huge mend to get it down quick or the current really tried to drag it back up. I kept an eye on the Usgs site to see what the water did on Sunday and it looked to be dropping pretty quick back to its previous level. Drove through the park around 6:30 on my way out and the clarity looked pretty much the same as it was on Saturday. They're calling for more rain through this week and this coming weekend. As long as it's not a torrential rain things should stay pretty much as they are. Guess we'll have to see.
  14. Stream Conditions

    I'm headed down this weekend on weed and bug duty. Roundup and Sevin spraying time. Ill let everyone know how the water is Sunday or Monday.
  15. Stream Conditions

    Seen it more and more at the trout parks too. Actually seen a 14-16 year old kid kicking up stuff and just scooping up fish with the net because he couldn't catch them with a rod. His parents were right there just laughing about it. ??

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