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  1. stripping cracklebacks

    Get a cheap extra reel and have a full sink line put on it. Change reels as needed for the type of fishing you’re doing.
  2. Opening day at Bennett

    I'm headed down Wednesday morning. I've been watching the weather and it's kinda all over the place. Hopefully we get some dry time. Rain will surely lower the crowd count though.
  3. Opening day at Bennett

    Me too.... You old Grinch LOL Gonna be too many green jeans and jackets there for you Wrench??
  4. What are the roads like?

    Maybe they had no choice but to go out in it??? Hard to say with any certainty.
  5. The last few days of the catch and keep season was pretty decent fishing. The last couple hours was fantastic. I almost had the entire stream from the run below the Holland Dam all the way up to the spring to myself. A couple of people were there before 5. But after that it cleared out and the fishing was fantastic. I caught a ton of fish and a few of them were really nice fish pushing 3lbs. This year was a pretty decent year at Bennett. Fish size seemed to be better over all and there was a pretty good mix of sizes to be caught. I could’ve been happier with less crowds but I guess the fish size comes at a cost. Looking forward to C&R season now. Bring it on!!
  6. Huge Crowds

    Yeah I got them. I haven’t had a chance to fish them yet. Been catching plenty of fish on my normal stuff. I’ll give it a whirl tomorrow and see how it works. I tied up a couple variations. I’ll let you know when I fish them.
  7. Should be a pretty good weekend. Cool temps and warm campfires. Time to winterize the camper and get ready for C&R season. Hopefully it won’t be too crowded with youth firearms season going on. Make sure if you’re fishing the river this weekend to have flo orange on. It’s been a pretty good regular season at Bennett from what I’ve seen. Good average fish size. More big fish for people to catch. The hatchery people did a good job saving the hatchery from being wiped out again. Many good things this year. Well.... except for the larger crowds. LOL.. Well, bring on the winter C&R!!!
  8. Huge Crowds

    I'd wait for a weekday trip or a trip after the catch and release opener the 2nd Friday of November if you want to avoid the crowds. Even then, the Frdays and Mondays are less crowded during catch and release. If it's a nice day count on it being crowded, crappy weather days equal less people.
  9. Huge Crowds

    You thinking of the Animas??? I know the spill from the mine had the Animas messed up for a little while. I’ve been reading reports from Abe’s and Fisheads saying it’s been pretty good. But who knows what would motivate a business to give false info to boost business.
  10. Huge Crowds

    Anyone else notice the amount of people at Bennett lately?? I went down last weekend thinking it wouldn't be too awful. Boy was I wrong. Tons of people and they were there all day. Usually you can find a lull somewhere in the day. Not this past weekend. Seems like the crowds overall this year have been bigger. I sure wish that I could hit the stream more on the week days. But, work comes first and vacation time is limited. At one time a guy could look forward to winter fishing and smaller crowds. That hasn't held true either the last couple years. Even on days when they weather was questionable. Im glad fuel prices have gone down and the fish size has improved. But, it comes at a cost I guess. Maybe it's time to make a trip out to the San Juan in NM.
  11. Trout Park Etiquette

    Well I hope you and your daughter have a good time. I'm just hoping for decent weather. I'm sure you can find A few windows of a lesser crowd in the park. It'll be a little crazy in the morning. I've been finding that zone 1 up by the gauge house in the evening has been pretty quiet. Not always, but occasionally.
  12. Trout Park Etiquette

    Where you going to be Wrench??? I'll make sure you and your daughter get the full experience of a trout park....LOL Actually, I'll be down so I can make it over to HVO for that shindig. Not completely sure what it's all about but I'll be there.
  13. FINALLY!!!!

    Good to fish with ya again Pat. Don't forget to keep in mind the last weekend in October.Hopefully I'll have my rod fixed and back by then.
  14. Fishing Must be Good!!

    Saw those on fleabay also.
  15. Fishing Must be Good!!

    No problem. I like to buy as much stuff as I can locally. But tippet is rediculous. A 100 meter spool will almost last me all year. About the only other thing I buy on there is tungsten beads in 100 pkgs. Save a ton that way too.

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