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  1. Anyone familiar with the Finger Lakes area of NY? I've already hit Chittenengo Creek and 9 Mile Creek. Both have some smaller browns both wild and some stockers. I have another week or so up here it looks like.
  2. Also,if they had enough spring tension to actually push grease through the bearing,it would probably pop the grease seal loose unless they were a really tight fitting seal. But,yeah they look cool.
  3. NoLuck

    Bait Fishing in Zone 1

    I know, right?. You’d think with all the cameras they have everywhere to catch illegal urinating and drinking that they could catch some of these people🙄.
  4. NoLuck

    Bait Fishing in Zone 1

    I’ve called a few times in the past too. Montauk and Bennett. But, if I took it upon myself to police all the regulations I’d spend most of my day on the phone. Its obvious that the agents don’t really give a crap. Otherwise there’d be someone there every weekend. And they’d be busy writing tickets. So the solution in your mind is for the people to police the people?? Yeah, that’ll work.
  5. NoLuck

    Bait Fishing in Zone 1

    Why is it my job?? Besides that, the agents are known to frequent these sites. Maybe just the mention of it will get some results. Probably not, but I don’t feel that I should be doing their job. Most likely the people committing these violations would be gone by the time an agent got there. Am I supposed to stake out their vehicles and get a plate number too?? Just because you don’t care about it doesn’t make it right or OK for that matter. I have talked to Agent Milligan a couple times about it. But obviously it isn’t a priority. And not not knowing the rules isn’t an excuse. Especially when I’ve seen the violators walk right past the signs stating the rules. I guess they can’t read??? Give me a break. If if this was happening on a small mouth stream most of you guys would be up in arms about this. LOL
  6. NoLuck

    Bait Fishing in Zone 1

    Against the rules but who really cares ..... wow. Whats so funny Snagged?? Breaking rules is funny?? Or is it your normal nose in the air routine for anyone who enjoys fishing at trout parks? I know I’ve heard your disdain for Bennett and people that fish there. Don’t really care what you think. Rules are rules no matter where you are.
  7. NoLuck

    Bait Fishing in Zone 1

    I’d have to keep them on speed dial smallie. Also I’d have to carry my phone, which I hate doing while fishing. Just seems like a little random enforcement and make it visible would really help.
  8. Anyone else notice this going on with more frequency??? The last couple times I’ve been down fishing I’ve noticed it happening quite regularly. One time a family of 4-5 people pull up and park across from the hole above the Holland Dam. They proceeded to break out a Tupperware container with some type of dough bait and they put it on small treble hooks. Tossed it out behind the people wading and started catching and keeping about a dozen trout all on one stringer. Unbelievable. Then last weekend there was 2 people sitting at the bottom landing on the steps by the bridge hole using power bait right out of the jar. Also a little farther downstream past the high bank hole there was another couple people tossing gulp curly tail grubs. Saw the package myself. How can an an agent possibly not catch these people??? I’m mean I wasn’t sneaking around and watching these people. They were blatantly out in the wide open. No care in the world. An undercover agent could rake in fines all weekend there. I don’t feel it’s my job to tell these folks the rules. Even if I did, with the short trigger people have now days it could possibly be dangerous to ones health to do so. Rant Over.......
  9. NoLuck

    stripping cracklebacks

    Not sure when I’m headed to Syracuse NY. Maybe the 4th. Maybe the day after Memorial Day. Got about a 4 month job up there , off and on a couple weeks at a time. I’ll be down this weekend till Sunday night. Then back down next Friday through Monday. The RV Park I’m at has their annual cookout this weekend. So I guess I’ll go down unless something comes up tomorrow for the weekend.
  10. NoLuck

    stripping cracklebacks

    Yeah.. This is a family orientated site. Save the harsh stuff for around the campfire. LOL
  11. NoLuck

    A wading safety note for zone 2

    There was a few people complaining about that drop off on FB Friends of Bennett Springs. If you're dumb enough to blindly wade into the water, even if it's familiar water, you deserve a good dunking.
  12. NoLuck

    stripping cracklebacks

    Heck, might as well grab a spinning rod and chuck rooster tails all day!LOL!
  13. NoLuck

    stripping cracklebacks

    Get a cheap extra reel and have a full sink line put on it. Change reels as needed for the type of fishing you’re doing.
  14. NoLuck

    Opening day at Bennett

    I'm headed down Wednesday morning. I've been watching the weather and it's kinda all over the place. Hopefully we get some dry time. Rain will surely lower the crowd count though.
  15. NoLuck

    Opening day at Bennett

    Me too.... You old Grinch LOL Gonna be too many green jeans and jackets there for you Wrench??

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