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  1. NoLuck

    Full of dinks.

    I don't think that there are any left. Between the ladies fishing day and whatever else that drew big crowds at the end of the busy season most of the better size fish are all accounted for. I know when I was down before I headed out to Oregon, most of the fish I caught were pretty much small fish. Did catch a couple decent sized ones though. I'm just wondering what the fish size will be like for the catch and release season. Last winter was a pretty good mix. I'll be down this coming Sunday through Halloween evening to finish up the season. I'll get a better idea of what its like then. Hopefully my gear makes it home before my flight does Friday.
  2. NoLuck

    Full of dinks.

    The cycle of fish size is pretty much the same as it's been the last couple years. Ben has done a great job of putting good size fish in during the busy months of the year. From Mid April to the last weekend of September there were a lot of nice fish in the stream. Just as it was last year, fish size decreased after the Labor Day Holiday weekend. I think people get spoiled over fish size in MO sometimes. I've fished a lot of streams all over the country and Bennett has bigger average size trout than most,from what I've observed. I agree with using Bennett to hone your skills, as they've really helped me abroad. Especially with fish landing and fighting skills. From what I understand, the stock of fish is doing pretty well. Not, sure how many fish have been spoken for to stock urban fisheries this winter. But, I'm sure it'll be a good amount from Bennett. As long as they keep putting enough fish in to make it a decent day of fishing I'm good with it. Sure I'd like there to be a ton of nicer fish every day. But, it is what it is. I rarely if ever keep trout. Much rather eat bluegill or crappie myself. The only real issue I have with Bennett is the rude and illegal fishing people. Catch and release season will take care of a lot of that though.
  3. NoLuck

    Eugene Oregon Fly Fishing?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I ventured out to the Willamette southwest of town towards Oak Ridge and tried to get to some productive water. Most of the access points from the highway you almost need rappelling gear to get down the steep embankments. I'm 53 and still pretty surefooted, but not stoopld. LOL I did find a small campground that was in the process of shutting down for the season. The caretaker let me access the river from one of his parking lots. The current and the width of the stream was too much to wade safely. So, I walked up the stream and found it was all that way. So, I went the safe route and hired a guide for a float next Sunday on the McKenzie river. We'll so how that goes and maybe try to get a little info from the guides on some other streams that are more wade friendly.
  4. NoLuck

    Eugene Oregon Fly Fishing?

    Anybody have any experience with where to fish around the area?? I'm here for a couple weeks at least and have Sundays off to maybe do some fishing. Thanks!
  5. NoLuck

    Only one...

    Al, On your rod is a 20" mark,correct?? If so that fish looks to be more than 20". Not that it matters much, but just curious if that is the case. Nice fish!! Great story as usual.
  6. NoLuck

    Fly Fishing Gear

    All this stuff is still available except waders and boots. Everything is virtually in new condition.
  7. NoLuck

    People fishing plastic in zone 2

    What's laughable is you thinking I got mad at you. I just shake my head and move on.🙄
  8. NoLuck

    Sunglasses ?

    I've used Smith Action Optics for the last 15 years or so. I have the guides choice version with techlite glass that are polarchromic mirrored copper lenses. They lighten or darken with the available light. I've never had the issue that you speak of. What color is the lens coating on the back side of the lenses??? Purple by any chance??
  9. NoLuck

    San Juan River

    The best info I got is, when it starts to storm, get off the water as quick as you can. That place has some of the worst lightning I've ever seen. That and make sure your net is big enough for those fish.
  10. NoLuck

    Fly Fishing Gear

    Waders and boots are sold.
  11. NoLuck

    Fly Fishing Gear

    I fished a couple creeks close to Syracuse. Chittenango and 9 mile creek each for a couple hours. Then I went down to Roscoe NY to fish the Beaverkill and Willowemoc creek. If a person can’t find somewhere to fish for trout in that whole region, they’ve got their head in the sand. Bugs galore man. Use what’s hatching at the time and pay attention to the fish. You’ll catch fish. Hopefully I’ll get back up there on my own sometime instead of working. Then I’ll have more freedom and time to do what I want without time restrictions. Oh.... and I’ll take my normal gear.😬
  12. NoLuck

    Fly Fishing Gear

    I didn’t. I just don’t need 3 of everything.
  13. NoLuck

    Fly Fishing Gear

    Yes it was. But it was well worth it. Much better than staring at the walls of a motel.
  14. NoLuck

    Fly Fishing Gear

    All gear was used lightly for maybe 15-16 hours on a trip in New York. WileyX polarized sunglasses. Copper lens and tortoise frames. $90.00 Scott G2 Fly rod. 9ft 5wt 4 piece. $400.00 Orvis Battenkill III reel and Rio trout LT WF-F 5wt line and backing. $140.00 Fishpond Nomad Emerger landing net, $100.00 Korkers Greenback wading boots. size 12. Includes both felt and rubber interchangeable soles. Xxxsold Fishpond Waterdance waist pack. $75.00 Simms Freestone waders size large king. Xxxsold All prices are negotiable within reason. PM me here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
  15. Anyone familiar with the Finger Lakes area of NY? I've already hit Chittenengo Creek and 9 Mile Creek. Both have some smaller browns both wild and some stockers. I have another week or so up here it looks like.

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