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  1. NoLuck should be back this weekend hopefully. Almost a month on the road this time. At least I got to fish a little this time around. Nice 16-18" rainbows at the stream fed pond here at the ranch.
  2. I just tossed my last stack of tags in the fire pit last weekend. If I remember correctly it was well over 120,000 tags for adults. Not counting the kids.
  3. I'm thinking trout magnets is what he's referring too, Dave.
  4. First pic was of the crowd at the horn. The second pic was of a guy fishing while wet wading wearing flip flops. 🤔 It was about 44 degrees at the horn.
  5. I've been here since Tuesday afternoon. I didn't fish at the whistle Wednesday but I fished about 12:30 till 4:30 and did OK. There's a ton of moss or algae being kicked up by people wading in places that got grown up over the winter. The wind has been a nuisance the last few days. But as long as you keep your casts short and keep at them you can catch fish. I was kinda hoping for a little colder weather and smaller crowds personally. But it's all good. Fish sizes are kinda mixed. But I have seen some nice ones.
  6. You didn't see me catching fish, Jerry. I was standing on the bridge watching everyone. It started off like it was going to be pretty in crowded. Then at about 6:20 people came out of the weeds and the place got packed.
  7. It's blowing everywhere else too!!
  8. Bought my tag around 3:30 or so and got #327. From the looks of it , I'm thinking it's gonna be a small crowd tomorrow.
  9. Hoping for a little rain to keep the woods damp so we can enjoy a nice campfire this year. Without setting the woods on fire that is....
  10. That's good to hear, Jerry!!
  11. Dang Jerry! Sorry to hear that. Hope she gets to getting better. Keep us posted and informed.
  12. I've got some left Pat. Not a ton, but as long as it doesn't rain much I'll be good. Not sure if Mike got a fire pit or not yet. I guess I need to buy another load of seasoned wood.
  13. Buiser than Bennett??? Not sure about that Gavin. Especially with all the floaters that float the Niangua and stay at Bennett campgrounds. I could be wrong though.
  14. Lots of "homers" to go along with the pros too. Good show all around.
  15. Figured I'd get it started. Anyone going to try to make the opener this year?? I'll be down to watch the circus at the whistle. Then if it clears out a little I'll fish some. I'm thinking with a midweek opener the crowd shouldn't be too bad.