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  1. NoLuck is still sitting safe in his house. Still not laid-off yet, but on stand-by not getting paid unless I use my PTO. So I’m trying to save my pennies. According to FB , which I don’t have, supposedly everyone and their brother and sister and uncle and their kids all were down there fishing with bait everywhere. They supposedly cleaned out the stream of all the fish. With no stocking going on and people still keeping fish, it won’t be long before the park will stay empty for a while. Which may be exactly how they wanted it to be. More fish equal more people. So more chance of spreading the crud that’s infecting people. Ill just sit sit and wait till it’s a little safer to be out and about. Not traveling from areas with higher infection counts to areas with low counts is just common sense. Unless you can travel with zero impact with enough food and supplies to distance yourself for a couple weeks, I think you’re better off just staying home. If not for yourself, do it for others safety. JM2 pennies.
  2. All overnight stays have been shut down in the parks, now. Still able to fish though.
  3. The rain we’ve had so far has had little effect on the stream. Still crystal clear except for gunk that people are stirring up. Waiting for later today so the weekenders go home. Then it’s gonna be a great day on the stream. Fishing yesterday was decent on midges. Had an awesome hatch of cream mayflies. But I left all my drys at the camper. Still picked up quite a few fish on a TBH midge though.
  4. Anyone headed down for one last trip?? Looks like it may be a little wet. Been a pretty quiet season at Bennett from my perspective. Fishing has been mediocre at best. Crowds have been bigger than usual. Fish size was decent but not great. Looking forward to a productive winter C&R season hopefully.
  5. Actually, “over time” was just used as a figure of speech. Comparatively, this is the most I’ve seen or heard of them in a long time. So that’s why I used the term. Sorry for the mistaken terminology.
  6. Heard it from a person that saw it on FB and seen it for myself too when I was down there the last couple times. Labor Day weekend was packed.
  7. Heard the game wardens have been working overtime at Bennett. Seen them checking quite a few people the last time I was down a couple weeks ago. Womder if the river being high so much this year has them working the park more.
  8. Done it at Bennett before too. People at the booth told me if nobody showed up within a half hour, just move it. You’re not supposed to hold a site for someone. The only way you’re supposed to hold a site is from the time you claim it till you go pay for it, they said.
  9. Problem is the locals putting a chair or cooler on those sites to hold them for their local buddies. Been going on for years there. The reserved sites are pretty much all taken well in advance of holiday weekends. So the first come, first serve sites go quick.
  10. I was down last weekend but never made it down to zone 2 at all. Fished up below the Holland dam and up at the spring. It was there the previous weekend though. Growing up, that would’ve been cut out the day after it fell. Seen it numerous times. Park maintenance just isn’t what it used to be.
  11. Good. Maybe it flushed out some of that green goo that was all over zone 1 and 2.
  12. Well, looks like it’s back to a bunch of little dinky trout again. Between Saturday and today, I must’ve caught close to 50 fish. The largest of them in either zone 1 or 2 was about 12”. Most were skinny as all get out. Caught a few that must’ve been full of guts though. Bloated as can be. Most of the fish I saw on stringers were all small, too. Im not sure where all these nice sized fish are, that the local tackle store is posting about on their reports are. Maybe in the bait area??? 🤔 Curious if anyone else has seen the same.
  13. Sometimes people just get sick while on road trips near great fishing locations. Just sayin😉
  14. If you’re gonna catch fish you gotta be bouncing the bottom. Try to fish out of the strong current flow if you can. There’s plenty of fish in there. Just find something that works and weed through the small ones. I caught enough fish over the weekend to keep some decent fish if I would’ve wanted too. 1 of about 6-8 fish was a decent fish. Most were skinny small fish. Not sure why they were as skinny as they were, but they were. A couple thing to keep keep in mind if you’re fly fishing. Fish enough weight to get your fly down quick. Mend your line as quick as you can and let the fly lead your strike indicator. That’ll get your fly down faster. As as long as they don’t get another drencher storm the stream should be in decent shape this weekend. Quite possibly, you’ll be able to use some smaller fly’s and might even see some top water action around 3-4 in the afternoon. I know I’ll be watching for it. Hopefully I’ll be down Friday night. Maybe Saturday morning.
  15. If you’re driving east on 64 and you still try to turn on 64A you deserve what you get. Nobody in their right mind would be driving fast enough pulling a 35+ft camper and try to turn there seeing all that stuff. If they’re headed west then they’re too dumb and drove past the main entrance. Besides that, there’s plenty of room to back up without backing into traffic on 64.
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