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  1. Just recently the trailer lock, key and second boat ignition key turned up missing. I vaguely recall putting it on the bumper. To all of the youngsters reading this never put anything on the step bumper, ever, not even once, don't even think of it.
  2. There are endeavors that do trip my trigger but some others are worthy just for the experience. The ice fishing trip via sled dogs in the boundary waters and fly fishing the Blackfoot river in Montana I am very happy to have those experiences. Now that I have become voluntarily unemployed I am obsessed with towing the teardrop and the cedar-stripper for three weeks in the Ovando area in Montana. But life is a bit complicated.
  3. Well, Snagged, I just observed that all three of these batteries are low in water. It has always been easier to go out and buy another battery without checking the water but my finances are a bit different these days.
  4. This does not address the exact topic but, for me, the easy things are the most difficult. The battery on the teardrop failed suddenly leaving me in the pitch-black. The NAPA store in town had a marine "combination" cranking and trolling battery. I argued with him there is no such thing -- a battery is either one or the other but got nowhere. Now the Mopar vessel needs a cranking battery (10 volts and no more -- each battery should have a 7th cell that you can switch on. It is ridiculous replacing the whole unit when one sixth is failing.) and a trolling battery which is weak. I pulled o
  5. Tom Magliozzi (the late half of the car-talk duo) used to say: "I am not getting married again -- I am just going to find some woman who doesn't like me and give her my house."
  6. I was still doing roller blades when I hit fifty. I loved those things -- we all played a lot of street hockey as youngsters and if we only had those. Well it is all about the reflexes -- I fell on my posterior while standing and not even moving. I gave them up after that.
  7. I am glad this topic turned to bikes instead of snakes. I rode once a week until recently. The vet tells us this chicken-@%^&* dog of Candy's needs more exercise so I take her for walks instead. I rebuilt the bike I got for my birthday in '76 about ten years ago -- stripped and painted the frame, new brake cables and shoes, new rims and tires and new pedal bearings. It came out OK. I live close to the the Riverfront Trail and there were times I could pedal to Laclede's Landing and back. I want to pick that up again now that I just retired (I am calling it "retired" until I run out of
  8. That is funny. And that bike is still the coolest thing on two wheels.
  9. The current generation has been saying similar things about the upcoming generation since Adam, Cane and Abel. But it is still funny.
  10. I like this. I would imagine it would have been a bit difficult for Gregg to get much stage time on guitar with Brother Duane, Dickie Betts, Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks to compete with.
  11. In the eighties a CDB concert was a must. That music does not get old: Saddle Tramp, Birmingham Blues, Billy The Kid.
  12. I did not know this. This is why you should read EVERY post.
  13. I am not done with the chainsaw and axe. I enjoy swinging the axe and the novelty of lighting a fire indoors just does not go away.
  14. I was looking for a YouTube video on making a bidet with a garden hose, when the toilet paper runs out, that there is none. I am sure I can figure something out.
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