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  1. The current generation has been saying similar things about the upcoming generation since Adam, Cane and Abel. But it is still funny.
  2. I like this. I would imagine it would have been a bit difficult for Gregg to get much stage time on guitar with Brother Duane, Dickie Betts, Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks to compete with.
  3. In the eighties a CDB concert was a must. That music does not get old: Saddle Tramp, Birmingham Blues, Billy The Kid.
  4. I did not know this. This is why you should read EVERY post.
  5. I am not done with the chainsaw and axe. I enjoy swinging the axe and the novelty of lighting a fire indoors just does not go away.
  6. I was looking for a YouTube video on making a bidet with a garden hose, when the toilet paper runs out, that there is none. I am sure I can figure something out.
  7. It ain't camping unless I fire up the old man's Coleman lantern that he had as long as I can remember. He always cussed and beat on it to make it work and when I finally get it lit I look up (I hope it is up) and say "see there Pop."
  8. When I flew into Montana I do believe my Simm's waders took up less space than my wading boots.
  9. The company bought me a new vehicle and it has a three month trial subscription to Satellite Radio and I listen to the "Outlaw Country Channel" more than anything else.
  10. Man we need one of those HOA's in my neighborhood. Now that would be a hoot.
  11. I am taking this as good news, Oneshot. I am happy.
  12. We need one of those silly picture deals labelled: "Ya got me with that one, Ness"
  13. There was another public forum on this last month but I was not able to attend. I just got an 8-page document from the USDA. I scanned the page that has the gist of the issue. It appears they are going to repair the dam.
  14. There was a time I was obsessed with a fly-in fishing trip to Canada but I don't think about that too much, anymore. Candy and I took dog-sleds to the boundary waters with a guide and ice-fished for Northerns and did well. This year I fished the Blackfoot River in Montana (although I was well aware I looked like I had no idea what I was doing). And deep-sea fishing does not appeal to me. I guess the item that is in my bucket list is to fish with a fitness-model. I know that once she see's my Chrysler bass boat she won't be able to wait to go.
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