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  1. The name of the new Secretary of State is Blinken -- Antony Blinken. Now if you abbreviate the first letter it is A. Blinken. Now say that out loud.
  2. Or ashes from the wood stove -- unless you use pallets as kindling.
  3. Sled dog trip to the boundary waters north of Ely, MN:
  4. GotMuddy, it is believed that the HIGH risk people are being infected by LOW risk people who are not taking proper precautions. But I am honored to be a legend.
  5. OK. This virus will not live outside of humans. If we all stop spreading this thing to each other it will die out. Other countries have been successful in this. We just can’t seem to do what we need to do. And for achieving the “herd immunity threshold”: How many deaths are acceptable? If we achieve 100% infection rate that will mean 5.6 million deaths. The average death rate per day has exceeded the 9/11 death count since January 8th. If Al Qaeda were to bomb skyscrapers every day we would not be hoping they run out of buildings to bomb.
  6. I bought Christmas cards on the 3rd. They did not arrive until after Christmas. There was a delay between FedEx and USPS. I sent out cards from previous years. But... I already have our cards for next year.
  7. I believe that that one should have the right to go out and get this virus and count on their immune system. But if you infect others unknowingly before you even know you have it and they die that is wrong. And we are still not certain if asymptomatic spreading is occurring or not. Although I am sure there is information out there that will tell you it is not. And masks are worn to prevent one from spreading the virus it has nothing to do with your freedom. You do not have the freedom to randomly shoot a pistol in a crowd. And as Ham said: our health care workers are li
  8. I still remember the day Jack Carney died. I have this CD and it brings back some memories. But the topic is Stanley. I have a Stanley one gallon water jug that looks well weathered on the outside but spotless on the inside -- It ain't camping if that is not along.
  9. Okay, my contribution: Christmas_Miami.MP4
  10. That would be hilarious if I could remember the characters and plot. But that is now what I came here to say. I read some time back that it took eighteen months to film the claymation portion of this. I can't imaging how hard it had to be to get up to go to work and move the figures to accomplish a lapse in time of three seconds each day.
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