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    Fishing (LM from a boat, SM from a canoe and whaterver I can catch on a flyrod), Hunting (Spring Turkey and Deer), Scotch drinking, pipes and cigars. And Cardinal Baseball.

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  1. Remember in the nine-ties scientists recognized that acid-rain was killing forests in the north-east. Government enacted laws to reduce its causes. Industry followed those laws and now forests are slowly recovering. Today scientists are telling us the earth is getting warmer because of man-made greenhouse gases. But we choose to believe politicians and talk-radio show personalities. And CarpMan; you wanting to believe that the ozone hole was a hoax when, in fact, it was fixed by following scientists recommendations and changing our behavior tells me all I need to know. What about gravity? Is that a hoax, also?
  2. I am well aware of this now. I just wish I was told this 40 years ago.
  3. Uh... in what it's effect has on the female or the male.....oh.....I guess it is both....isn't it -- dumb-posterior me.
  4. Aren't all fishing shows one contiguous commercial?
  5. I vote Ferguson Brewery for a happy-hour. I will bring my growler.
  6. I have a blue ray DVD player, a plasma TV and a Marantz surround sound system (Ok I went without cable for five years and that paid for it all). I feel that the experience I get with a blue ray disk is superior to streaming.
  7. Try some other words, just in the name of science.
  8. My dad and his brothers used to make blood sausage. Now, the last time this may have occurred was in the sixties. I liked it and loved the smell of it frying. About ten years ago I noticed blood and tongue sausage in the deli at Schnucks. It was fantastic -- I did not have a red wine on hand that was worthy.
  9. Wow! Now that is something, right there.
  10. This is not exactly on topic, but not too far off, this was our first meal in the campground at Yellowstone last year. The Cowboy Cut from Paul's Meat Market in Ferguson. And how many of these threads do travel a straight line?
  11. That doesn't apply to me. My mother told me that my coming about was "an accident" in a motel in Jefferson City sixty years ago. She was really pissed at me at the time.
  12. It has always been my observation that a guy with no women in his life has a lot of free time.
  13. You aught to get them to read this forum -- that is ALL you need.
  14. Candy and I bought Brewer and Shipley's album: Cimarron River; while seeing them at The Focal Point some time back. The song: Treehouse Brown, is on it. It is interesting to learn for whom the song is written.
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