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  1. The road to it goes through where the picnic tables and fire pits used to be. It about two hundred feet from the old ramp on the north side of the lake. Google Earth shows the lake in the drawn down state but does not show the new ramp.
  2. They used some of those blocks they acquired for the ramp. A boat with average draft should be able to launch.
  3. I have still to see anything published on what decision has been made by the USFS. I had the solo out there last week. The water is up to the new boat ramp. I paddled to the dam, got out and looked down. The dam does have a lot of structural issues. The new road allows access to the dam and I picked up a lot of beer cans. It is getting as bad in rural areas as it is in my neck-of-the-woods up here. Now, that biologist says the redear population has increased because of the oxygen generated by the vegetation. It is just that I do not have a plan for catching them. I started catching bluegill -- better than average. The next day I had a bucket and all I caught were small bass. I got a kick out of it all, though.
  4. JD, my Ouachita had stick steering. I had to remove it and install a console with a wheel when the rod cap on the 55-horse came loose at WOT and I bought a 75-horse and rebuilt it. The stick steering unit was rated for a 35-horse outboard. I came to miss it. Advantages: It takes up no room in the boat where a console, or two, does. When you stop the outboard and decide to fish you don't have to move seats. You have better visibility. Casting decks are overrated -- bending over to lip a fish is a lot of work these days. Disadvantages: A bit of a rougher ride being in front.
  5. I use the cedar-stripper for small lakes around here, it is not a bad experience. I use the bass boat for one trip in the spring for crappie at Wappapello and one for bass at LOZ in the fall.
  6. It is they who should read that book.
  7. That is what ran through my mind. Why would you take videos if you weren't planning for this outcome. And then, they post the videos on YouTube.
  8. I would go if I was not out of town for my job. Hopefully, this goes well and you all could schedule another event.
  9. Now that looks like a cool place. I did not know about it.
  10. Wow, I am aware of someone doing the same thing. And yet he repeats everything he hears on Fox News. I just blame the individual who made the decision to approve the disability. But, man, it is so danged hard to swallow. I do make comments regarding how he is spending my tax money and how he expects all of this to go when he is at the Pearly Gates.
  11. There is room for more of these boats on that island....'just sayin'.
  12. Congratulations, Kayser, that is so cool.
  13. Well, I did get a chance to get out two afternoons. Once on The Blackfoot river at Scotty Brown bridge and again on Monture Creek. My late father-in-law will be happy to know his gear had a chance to fish in Montana. There were no fish caught -- but I am glad I made the effort. There was a lot of current with the snow melt and it is funny how it is 'work' during the first hour -- but after four hours and it is time to head back you just want to fish that next spot.
  14. Gavin, That would be cool if I could swing it. I was in Hargrove's and Craig Stephens gave me the number of a guide in the Missoula area. It is just that I don't know when and if I am going to have time. Things tend to catch fire in my business. And sometimes what we do requires another to do his part. If that guy is just not 'feeling' it on that day I am left hanging.
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