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  1. Ice?

    That is the Raurk Bluff ramp.
  2. Where the bass pics ?

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get on the water the past couple months due to a blown lower unit and work being crazy busy. That is about to change here in a couple weeks when I get my new motor put on the boat! By the first of February I will be back out there to get after that jerkbait bite!
  3. Fall outing

    Nice job...bigger smallies have definitely been more prominent this year! This is my favorite time of the year to fish Stockton...went Sunday for a few hours and left once the wind shifted heavy out of the north. Fished around chicken rock area and still found a decent topwater and finesse jig bite. Spinnerbait bite is still not there yet...hopefully that picks up here soon!
  4. Spam!!

    Did that last night and been good ever since. Thanks!!
  5. Spam!!

    It happens on my iphone on this site constantly. Its happened twice in the last few minutes
  6. 2nd Annual Benefit Fishing Tournament.

    Thanks for sharing...planning to be down there camping that weekend...may have to come participate in this event
  7. Friday night tournaments

    This Friday...i plan to be there

    Show up, pay and fish. I think he is there around 5pm to start taking entries. Can't wait for the first one...always a good time!
  9. 5/7 bass report

    Hey Skeeter, thanks for stopping by and saying hi...it was nice to meet you. I got on the water at 6am to try and beat the 200 boats in the high school tournament. Water was 59 by the darn...threw a frog and sbait in the flooded brush/trees with no luck. Was marking fish in 15 fow over the old shoreline so i pick up a jerkbait and started paralleling the bank and quickly caught a smallie, 2 whites and a crappie. Ran down by state park marina and fished a rock pile that was now in 15-18 fow and caught a couple small spots. Went back to OT to pick up the family as it was finally warming up. Headed towards the mile long bridge and started fishing points...we fished the old shoreline in 15-20 fow...my 10 year olds first cast with the ned rig produced a fat smallie close to 3 lbs (she thought she was snagged) . She caught another one over 2lbs...both were fat prespawn fish. I finally caught a keeper largemouth on a 3/4 oz wobblehead. Beautiful day on the water!!
  10. Crappie/Bass Fishing Weekend

    I plan to go this weekend and will be fishing the mainlake. I plan to start around the flooded bushes with sbait, crankbait, topwater and some flipping. If that doesn't work I will work the outside edges of the bushes with c-rig, shakyhead and the wobble head. If history repeats itself they should be in the bushes! Good luck!! I'm staying at Orleans Trail hotel...you see a white/teal Skeeter say hi.
  11. Open marinas with gas

    Thanks guys...what about around hurricane deck area?
  12. Open marinas with gas

    Are there any marinas around the mouth of the glaize arm that are open and selling gas? Down all next week and prefer to not pull the boat out to get gas if possible. thanks, Jeremy
  13. Recomended guide services

    I will second Bob Bennett...good guy and will put you on fish for sure
  14. Fishing tomorrow

    Shawnee bend ramp...its about 3-4 miles to the mouth of the gravois...closest one i know of
  15. Sunday feb 5th

    Heck of a day!!! I struggled out there today..couple shorts and a small keeper. Fished all over big sac and sons creek area...looks like i was way too shallow with the sun and no wind conditions today. Great job Derrill!!!

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