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  1. Jmontgo1246

    Fishing University on Stockton lake

    They were down doing the show in late October...i saw them at OT hanging out during the week. I will watch it as well....just to see what they do
  2. Jmontgo1246

    Crappie 1/3 & 1/4

    Water temps were 43-44 around Orleans Trail on Monday
  3. Jmontgo1246

    New Years Eve - you all let me down

    I was out there yesterday!! I thought I was the only boat on the water...was out from 2p to 5p after the rain passed. The bass were definitely eating! I had 15 with 8 keepers...all on the jerkbait as well. Happy New Years Everyone!!
  4. Jmontgo1246

    Places to Stay

    Orleans trail has the hotel that is open and they have a ramp and slips available. That will be the only place on the water. Southwinds motel is nice and just a couple miles from ruark bluff ramp. Stone creek is a good place as well. I believe another is Mt Carmel Inn and its just minutes from state park marina. This is based on going now through March. Once marinas open back up you have a couple more options
  5. Jmontgo1246

    Jerkbait bite

    I mostly throw the Megabass 110 and 110+1. I usually throw a translucent color (pro blue, etc) on sunny days and more solid color on cloudy days. (White, gold). I like ones that have some purple in them as well.
  6. Jmontgo1246

    Jerkbait bite

    I am definitely ready for jerkbait season...usually starts in December once temps drop and stay in the mid 40’s. I throw mine on spinning gear with 8-10lb line. I typically fish secondary points and channel swings inside coves or creek arms..I usually catch most of my jerkbait fish in 6-14 fow. It’s not uncommon to find them schooled up together during the winter months. I usually catch a few good walleye in early spring once they move up on the bank as well. May have to try a jerkbait this week...but hopefully they are eating a spinnerbait and I can just burn down the bank
  7. Jmontgo1246

    Jerkbait bite

    May be a little early yet...I was there on Thursday last week and water temp on mainlake was still 57 deg. The spinnerbait bite is just getting started though....got on the right bank with some wind and had 3 keepers in short order right off the bank. Plan to go one day this week and throw a spinnerbait all day!!
  8. Jmontgo1246

    Have a question

    I think there are typically 2 kinds of guide trips...one is just people that want to catch fish...catching fish makes it a success. The 2nd is a educational/information trip...that is what I’m looking for on trips I take. I have taken a few guide trips and my purpose is to either learn a technique or seasonal movement of the fish I target (bass). Prime example...I went with Randy Blaukat on Stockton a couple years ago to learn how and where to catch winter/prespawn bass on a jerkbait at Stockton. What he showed me to look for and what kind of structure to fish just blew my mind....it wasn’t the typical structure. It was also the knowledge of what gear to throw them on, line size, and different jerkbait styles. Every since that trip I have expanded that knowledge from that trip to different areas of the lake and I have caught more bass and bigger bass on jerkbaits the past 2 winters than the previous 5 years combined. To me, that was money well spent.
  9. Jmontgo1246

    Stockton Friday Nighter

    I’m planning on fishing it Friday since I will be coming down all weekend with the family. Got an open backseat if anyone wants to fish it...if so just send me a pm. Jeremy
  10. Jmontgo1246

    Places to stay

    Or call orleans trail on Friday and see if they have vacancy..if so they usually will not do the 3 day minimum
  11. Jmontgo1246

    Places to stay

    Holiday weekend...i know orleans trails has a 3 day minimum on holiday weekends...you can try Stone Creek lodge on hwy 215...or owl inn off rb road. There is another place by state park marina...name has escaped me
  12. Jmontgo1246

    High Point Area

    No fee at orleans trail or mutton...I use OT a lot
  13. Jmontgo1246

    Water Clarity/Temps

    I was around state park marina to up little sac...7ft visibility at marina...water started at 53 deg around 9am...by 1pm is was 55-56 deg. Light stain up by high point and got dirty quick the farther you went up the river. Temps up river was 57-59 deg. Lots of boats up the little sac today as well. Couldn’t get a bite in the dirty water...most fish came in light stain and the clear water. I bet it warms up quick this week!!
  14. Jmontgo1246

    new boat

    Congrats!!! Beautiful boat...really like that color pattern...very sharp!! Enjoy!!!
  15. Jmontgo1246


    That was a crazy day on the water...29 wins...21 was second..couple 18lb bags...3 or 4 just over 17lbs...then the weights dropped...last check for 11th place had 13.71lbs. Think there were 4 fish over 8lbs...maybe 3 over 7lbs. We had 13.50 lbs and just missed the check line. Had a 5.83 kicker fish just couldn’t catch the better quality keepers (2 to 3lb class) i have been on. Lot more big fish showing up right now...heck I even caught one over 7lbs about a week ago. Not all coming on a rig either...mine came on jerkbait and I know jigs have produced as well...my buddy had a 8.8lber a couple weeks ago. Now hopefully the water will warm up!!

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