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  1. I was just wondering....but I'm with wrench, those things freak me out
  2. They demolish tomatoes and sweet corn
  3. Here is the turtle motel I made for my daughter this year. It's a motel because I only let her keep the same one a few days then let them go and replace with another.
  4. My neighbor painted one up by writing his name on it and we found it bout a mile away on the other neighbors farm 1 yr later!
  5. I like the 190 for largemouth. But it's not for everyone. Its HUGE. I like the 90 on rivers
  6. I don't know you but blowing stuff up makes you cool in my book!
  7. Great Thread! Shortly After I bought my first kayak i joined this forum. Bought a coosa and made my screen name coosa. I've always hated it and wished I would have used BarkBuster like I have with all my other 2 screen names. I've tried doing an avatar multiple times with no luck
  8. I've often wondered how many times a sober driver has hit and killed a drunk driver and the the latter was blamed and unable to defend themselves. They just go out as the a hole that caused a bad wreck. I agree wrench, just because alcohol was involved doesn't mean it was the cause.
  9. The last time I used Greene's they told me they were going out of business. The guy that shuttle me, don't remember his name. Big guy with long hair. Anyway, he said he was going to call me and leave a voicemail with his contact info so I could call him for shuttles. But I never received a call. Kinda a bummer because I really liked the 9 mile float taking out at hwy 8 bridge and I havnt been able to find anybody to shuttle me on that part of the river since
  10. We catch a couple of these each year from the gasconade and from the osage. I never new what they were till now
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