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  1. Coosa

    Father's Day Morning Quickie

    Dem sum goodins!
  2. Coosa

    New Missouri wake law

    I've often wondered how many times a sober driver has hit and killed a drunk driver and the the latter was blamed and unable to defend themselves. They just go out as the a hole that caused a bad wreck. I agree wrench, just because alcohol was involved doesn't mean it was the cause.
  3. Coosa

    Help or Advice on the Meramec

    The last time I used Greene's they told me they were going out of business. The guy that shuttle me, don't remember his name. Big guy with long hair. Anyway, he said he was going to call me and leave a voicemail with his contact info so I could call him for shuttles. But I never received a call. Kinda a bummer because I really liked the 9 mile float taking out at hwy 8 bridge and I havnt been able to find anybody to shuttle me on that part of the river since
  4. Coosa

    State Record Goldeye

    We catch a couple of these each year from the gasconade and from the osage. I never new what they were till now
  5. Been there....its a joke
  6. There are a few inside jokes people wont understand like SCSE, woman in the tent, and indian campground. But you will get most of it. I tried to edit for content. I hope I did good enough FLISHING Floating and Fishing It’s two in the morning when my alarm goes off, I think to myself don’t forget your hog trough. I try to remember what did I forget, Just my hog trough is that really it? “It’s too early for this” as I jump out of bed, My wife says to me as she’s shaking her head. I get myself together and scurry downstairs, I dreamt we were skunked it was a nightmare. I hop in my truck on my way to meet Aaron, I’m in a great mood my radio is blaring. We meet at the shop to load the kayaks, We’re finally headed south to float on the jacks. We talk in the truck about what’d we forget, Not just one thing but all kinds of s+++ But I’ve got my rods, and I got my tackle, Ive got my w+++, and I’ve got my paddle. So everything else can kiss my a++ Now let’s go catch some smallmouth bass. After what seemed like the longest darn drive, after a few stops we have finally arrived. We get there a little early to pay for our shuttle, So she climbs out the tent and steps over a puddle. She then informs us we are at the wrong place, You should have seen the look on my brother Aaron’s face. We find the right spot and we’re standing by the river, “Is that enough brownie? I’ll have another sliver.” So now we are fishing just me and my bro, we’re gonna keep casting til we can’t cast no more. Now we are cruisin’ both in our Jackson, The easiest way for stress free relaxin. He’s walking the dog I’m twitching the fluke, he’s had a few bites so I switch to my spook. He swears by the sexy dog I do not know why, Then he hooks a hog I guess he don’t lie. He cast by some wood and gave it a twitch, I seen it blowup and thought son of a +++++ Our first-fish bet was a nasty a++ shot, I bet it’s in the sun getting real hot. He fights it for a bit and gets it close to his yak, He reaches down for it while talking some smack. Thankfully the fish spits the hook from its mouth, So I yell you didn’t touch it...it don’t even count. Aarons’ in front of with the perfect spot ahead, “I know there’s a fish there” to Aaron I said. But luckily Aaron’s hooks stuck in his bungee, I chuckle to myself because I find it real funny, So I cast by the rock and wouldn’t you know, I catch me a smallie 12 inches or so. I get it in my tuna and say with a smile, “That didn’t take long we’ve been but a mile.” So Aarons pissed off so stay with the grin, And say “It’s not Jack or Johnny, but I hope you like Jim” So now we are searching for the perfect sandbar, We’ve gone a few miles but didn’t go too far, The first thing we do is gather some wood, It was pretty picked through, we got as much as we could. After a good pile: we wanted to shower, The whole time I’m suggesting a round of power hour. But just as usual he’s too chicken s+++ Instead we make our oven of rocks from our fire pit. Aaron is busy making our first evening meal, As I reach for my wine and break the new seal. I say we could do SCSE, (Shots, Cook, Smoke, Eat) Though I feel the only one taking shots would be me. Now we are relaxing as I reach for the Jim, I also see some beer, maybe 9 or 10. It’s a good thing we’re not very close to a town, because this could become an Indian campground. So if you know me at all, you’d know I am wishing, that no matter what I am doing, I’d rather be FLISHING!
  7. Coosa


    I don't really have much of a report to give but since you all did give me some good advice i will try to write something up. After driving all night we arrived at our beach house at about 830 in the morning. The surf was much bigger than I expected but we gave it a shot anyway. Me and my kayak took quit a beating. And there was no way I could fish in that rough of waster. After a couple days on the beach with the family w were able to get away for a couple hours. Now I have 2 brothers, one, Jeff, I have mentioned on here quite a few times as we do most of our fishing together. The other brother, Brian, has never fished from a kayak and never used a baitcaster. We put in probably halfway between fort Morgan and gulf shores. Both brothers beat me on the water while I was still getting things together. Jeff heads off to the right Brian, after a few practice casts, assures us he will be fine and dissappers off to the left. As I'm trying to decide weather to go left or right I realize Jeff had the only camera so I opted to follow him. About 5 min in I see Jeff get a huge blow up and I start getting excited! That was it . One of our 2 bites. After bout 2 hrs of nothing we decide we better go find Brian. After finally finding Brian he tells us a story that he describes as himself being tom hanks on cast away. Apparently his first cast was a massive backlash which he never got out. But I guess as he was trying to fix it he says a big wave came out of nowhere and rolled him! Lmao. So he got back in the yak and headed for shore to fix the backlash. Hanging out on shire was a bad place to be as the green flies were biting like baby teridactles. I dont know what hee did for 2 hrs but it sounded terrible. The last day the water at the beach house finally calmed down enough for me to get out in the open ocean for abbot an hour. It was a bit erie but the longer I was out there the more I got used to it. Never caught anything but I did have big follower and I saw a Ray. No fish but it was fun. Hopefully better luck this coming weekend. Upper jacks for 3 days and 2 nights! Can't wait. I'm sure ill have a better report with pictures
  8. Coosa


    Sorry I havnt posted a report yet. Been busy since getting back. I'll get to it soon.
  9. Coosa


    Guys I know a guide would help catch fish and help to learn the ropes a little bit. It's not about the money. It's just as I stated before, this is not a fishing trip. This is something my mother has been wanting us to do for well over 15 years and she paid fir it all as a Christmas gift . I'm just trying to take advantage and get a little out of state fishing time in if it works out. My mother is really excited about this and I want to make it the best I can for her I don't want her to think we are trying to get away to fish. The reason I had thought about not contacting a guide or anything is I just don't know when I'm going to be able to get out. It will be just when it seems convenient. As far as hauling The Kayaks down there that's not really a big deal. We will have three different trucks going. Plus I'm pretty partial to my kayak I have it set up how I like and I can't imagine a rental being better . Now another question I do have is how is my Garcia SX going to handle the saltwater. I figured I would bring myreel oil and all the goodies and just tear it down rinse it and lube it back up after each use
  10. Coosa


    I've looked up most of the locations you guys have mentioned and they are mostly only 30 min or so from where I'll be staying. Thanks for the help fellas. I'll be leaving in 3 days and HOPEFULLY I'll have good report to post. This is a family vacation though and not a fishing trip so ill just be sneaking off when time allows and just kinda winging it. Can't wait to post a report for ya!
  11. Coosa

    Great Week

    Yesterday I went out and hit my favorite mushroom spots again ended up coming home with another 126. So from there I decided to keep the daughter home from daycare today and take her on our first daddy daughter fishing trip. She is 5 years old and we have done a few trips down to the creek to get some small bluegill and things but this is the first time we really gone out with the intentions of putting fish in the live well. Caught 20 crappie all between 10 and 12 in. She managed to catch three of them all on her own from cast to hand! She really only seem to stay interested for about 15 minutes or so and then after that I just let her play in the grass while I put a few more in the cooler
  12. Coosa


    I got 20 acres like that right behind my shot, can't find a morel for nothing but it is full of chanterelles later in the year. Last year was the first time I picked them. Don't really care for them much
  13. Coosa


    While I do mostly agree with you, there is no denying that there has been a definite pattern in the bottoms this year. Well a lot of my friends run to certain types of trees or certain types of areas I'm more of a walk back and forth and comb an area over kind of guy. I have found a few singles spread out throughout the woods in the bottoms but almost every mushroom I have found this year has been at the base of big cottonwood trees that have the bark chewed off the very bottom from beavers other than that I found very few mushrooms. But huge batches at the base of those trees. But I still kept myself from just jumping from big tree to big tree and found very little in between
  14. Coosa


  15. Coosa


    I honestly haven't figured out much of a pattern in the Hills where I'm at. I just put my feet on the ground and start walking. When I found my best spot in the Hills I was actually just about to give it up when I turned around to go pick up my Sprite can I left laying on the ground and low and behold there they were under a rose bush and a bunch of them

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