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  1. fmcbrandon

    TR ongoing for 2nd -4th

    It was a slow but fun night fishing. The water was off most of the night and we were able to do some fly fishing at Rebar. Today it looks like rain, maybe that will fuel some better fishing.
  2. fmcbrandon

    It's Finally Time! TR placeholder for the week

    Man, I am so jealous brother! Those are some great fish. Wish I was there with you! Tight lines my friend.
  3. fmcbrandon

    Taney Trip

    Good morning fellow anglers! I will be taking a trip to my favorite fishing hole this weekend. Can anyone give me a report on how things are on Taneycomo? We will mostly be wade fishing just below the dam. We will be doing alot of night fishing, but I will probably fish most of the weekend. Sleep can wait till monday!
  4. fmcbrandon

    Kids at Bennett

    Bassfisher, Would you use floats with teh powerballs? i have never fished them.
  5. fmcbrandon

    Kids at Bennett

    Wily, You are so right, they do grow up fast. I am so excited for this trip. It will be our first father sons trip to go trout fishing. Memories to last a lifetime!
  6. fmcbrandon

    Kids at Bennett

    Thanks for the advice. No, we didn't get out there. Wish we would have though. I spent the winter fishing Taney.
  7. fmcbrandon

    Kids at Bennett

    I was considering just using a normal bobber for them, would this work? I thought that it would be easier to cast and see.
  8. fmcbrandon

    Kids at Bennett

    I am taking my two boys, 10 and 9 to Bennett this weekend for their first trout fishing trip. They will be fishing from the bank since they don' t have waders yet. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for giving kids a successful trip? I really want them to have a good time.
  9. fmcbrandon

    TR 03-05-16 Opening Weekend

    Great report DJ. I caught several in the first half hour Sunday. All in a green deer hair jog. See pics below. It it was a gorgeous weekend and the water is in great shape! Here is some underwater footage!
  10. Not seeing a lot of fish wading at the dam. Did catch a couple of nice ones though.
  11. fmcbrandon

    Wading Taney

    My cousin and I are planning on making a trip this weekend to catch some of the fun that appears to be going on!! What does it look like as far as wading near the outlets? We are not going to able to afford a boat this trip so need to be able to get in the water.
  12. fmcbrandon

    Lake Taneycomo High Water Reports

    LIkewise on the volunteering. Just met me know what you need.
  13. fmcbrandon

    Lake Taneycomo High Water Reports

    Phil, I love what you said in your video about the resort being God's! You are so right. We all love it so. . . but come what may, you will have helpers! And you have God's blessing on your life!
  14. fmcbrandon

    New Jig...will it catch trout?

    A couple of weeks ago I threw something similar. It was an olive drab head with black underhackle and olive maribou. It caught a couple. One thing you may consider is less thread wrapping. I try and keep mine as short and as close to the head as i can.
  15. fmcbrandon

    Trip report ongoing

    What a great trip!!! There was more hooked this weekend than just the fish! I am hooked on this stretch of water for sure. A huge thank you to Phil and his staff at Lililes Landing. They were so welcoming and the resort was awesome. Plus, the new G3's are incredible boats! I can't forget to thank my partner DJ for helping to make this an unforgettable trip. Luckily I didn't throw him out of the boat. Got pretty close a couple times by going when he wasn't ready. . . .but that's another story. The only bad thing about our trip was leaving the fish in the freezer at the resort. I hope someone on the staff has a good supper with them! My wife sure gave me what for! She likes here trout fillets!

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