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February 1 - Big M area

Put the boat in the water about 7:15 AM and fished until 2:30.  Is was a cloudy, misty morning with little wind.

Started off on a long rocky ledge and stayed there for a good chunk of the morning, with the flat water there was a bit of top water activity, bass were coming up and swirling on shad.  I caught several on a Pointer 78 and picked up a couple of good crappie also on the Pointer.  Once the Pointer bite got slow, I switched out to the Ned and picked up some more bass, slow dragging on the bottom.

Once the bite died down on the ledge I bounced around fishing some points and steep banks.  The fish got squirrelly, I bet I had another 8 bites and every one of those fish got off.

Only other boat I saw today was Tom from Eagle Rock, he was catching some too.

I caught 13 bass, good keeper ratio today, 6 or 7 were keepers.

WT 42-43


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YOUR HIRED!  What a great day.  Jeff were those crappie just out cruising with the bass on that point?  Those were some fantastic bass, they look clean as a pin and have had time to rest up a mite.

Thanks, makes me believe its getting about time.   

0800 and I'm about ready to go down and work on the trout boat.  Lots of boats running this morning at the dam.

I want to point out again, you can say what you want about the quality of the cell phone pictures, but that camera just flat out knocks the fish pictures right out of the park.  Way better than any cell phone I have seen.

Good Luck

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Bill, those crappie were just out cruising around as far as I could tell, my guess is they are out eating those slow moving shad like the bass are.

I think February and March bass are in the best shape as far as fatness and coloration.  I love fishing this time of year when the weather cooperates.

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