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OA One Bass tournament recap

Could not have asked for better weather for this time of the year.  Cloudy morning, light wind, turned into a sunny afternoon with temps near 70 at the weigh in.  I believe I heard some of the folks say water temps were in the 49-50 range, the water has cleared up considerably in the Eagle Rock area.  Saw quite a few boats moving up and down the channel in front of Eagle Rock during the course of the day.

Pretty decent fishing overall, heard numbers in the 10 to low 20's of bass caught per boat.  Mid-depth crank baits, Rock Crawlers being mentioned the most, caught the most fish.  Also heard of some being caught on spinner baits, ned rig, and a few on jigs.



All fish being weighed in were subject to intense scrutiny.



OK, to cut to the chase, the winner was Kbillb - Kbillb's son one the first OA One Bass back in 2015, so another trophy to place over the family fireplace.  Very nice plaque made by Ducky Doty.  It will have the winner name added to it and then sent to Kbillb.



Here's the winning fish, 4-15 was the weight.


I believe this fish held by Shark Bait was the runner-up, I was running back and forth between taking pics and flipping burgers, so I may have this wrong, but it was a fish in the 3.5 range.


Had a great time, already looking forward to next year!  Thanks to all who provided food and fellowship!

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Always a good time to fish the OA tournament with you boys. But I'm getting tired of these Jayhawkers coming over to our lake and winning this tournament! Just kidding Kbilb. Congrats on your win. I knew when i heard the crankbait bite was on that you would be a factor. That dude can crank all day!! Thanks Quillback for putting everything together. Nice to see you all you guys again. 

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