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    They’ve only had one unit for a couple years now.
  2. You’ve heard my story before, the twins are 7 now. They are still non verbal for the most part and considered a borderline level 2 autistic. We do lots of outdoor adventures during the days but dad gets to fish solo once they go to sleep. I’m enjoying pushing the boundaries of fishing at night from trout and walleye to big reservoir largemouth to neosho stain smallmouth. This time of the year it’s the white bass. This makes the third year I’ve had success. Had some largemouth going for the clousers the other night
  3. I love Arkansas. My buddy Chef invited us to Norfork for a mini spring break. We had a cabin full of kids and the best weather of the year. No big ones but plenty of bites. I’m searching for an industrial electrician gig in that region so we can relocate.
  4. Also saw several spawning walleye. Their eyes really do glow when you shine a light at them.
  5. It was a strange night on the beaver tailwater. 10 fish brought to hand in 3 hours. Only a few bows. The mid sized browns were on the hunt. Probably has to do with the weather.
  6. I’m not worried about it too much. It takes a lot of motivation to fish at night. Taney is definitely a mess in the fall but compare the night crowd to the day crowd, still a drastic improvement. I’m not worried about beaver, it has a really bad rep. Also what is the point of sites like this one if no one shares? That’s why I do it. I appreciate all the reports I’ve read over the years doing research and I want to provide that for others.
  7. I’d get better pics if more people would go with me.
  8. I figured that’s why it was a fatty. A pale fatty. Like Jim Gaffigan.
  9. I think the debate is over.
  10. I caught it right in front of a stocking point.
  11. So you agree it’s a brown? It was kind of bland but it had a mouthful of teeth.
  12. I’m telling you all, beaver is under rated. This dude crushed an olive bugger just under the surface last night. EXPLODED on it. I was positive it was a brown when I caught it. I’m still 99% sure. Any opinions on that? Around 25”. How about a weight? It swam away strong.
  13. Had a decent night on the beaver tailwater last night. Caught around a dozen on olive buggers and an oversized soft hackle. Including this Walter. I would say they are starting to show up.
  14. I caught fish but it wasn’t great. That water is always a little dingy these days. Only bites were on the buggers.
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