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2010 Alumacraft SOLD


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16 and a half foot, wide beamed boat with vinyl floor powered by an Evinrude Etec 75HP; Titan Tiller Steer hydraulic torque control installed at original cost of $1200; Minnkota Terrova 24v 80 pound troll motor with Ipilot and both foot and fob controls; Humminbird 7" side image sonar on the bow, although can be relocated to original transom position; three bank charger; EZ Loader trailer with spare tire and break away tongue; new in the box extra prop; fire extinguisher; paddle; Optima start battery; electric circuit off switch at the start battery; two deep discharge troll motor batteries - functional but probably due for replacement; rod tubes(5) in the starboard storage; new rope emergency ladder.

No dents or dings in the hull, although some cosmetic tree limb scratches. Serviced by authorized shops at manufacturer recommended times (every 300 hours).

The pictures are from several years ago. When I pull the boat off the lift and clean it up this weekend, I will take more pictures.

Members of this forum have fished with me in this boat and can verify it is roomy, stable, and safe.


PM me if interested.

rps camera pictures 036.JPG

rps camera pictures 035.JPG

rps camera pictures 024.JPG

rps camera pictures 025.JPG

rps camera pictures 026.JPG

rps camera pictures 028.JPG

rps camera pictures 032.JPG

rps camera pictures 033v2.jpg

rps camera pictures 038.JPG

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I am fighting the second nasty cold of the year. I did not have the energy to pull the boat off the lift. Maybe tomorrow I will start the clean it up to sell.

I did make the down payment on the new boat today. They tell me early June. Lund Rebel XS 1650 Sport in red with a Evinrude Etec 90HP and a Minnkota 24v Ulterra troll motor. Now the pressure is on to sell the existing boat.

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After I proctored Saturday school this morning, I pulled the boat out of the water this afternoon. I unloaded all the items I had hidden away inside. Tomorrow I will begin the clean up for sale pictures.

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I cleaned up the boat this morning. The wind promptly blew three tons of the tree tendrils into it as soon as I swept. All of the following pictures are from today and I tried to show the warts as well as the features. You will note tree limb scratches from fishing in the trees, a bit of dock rash, some paint missing from the prop where I hit a board that sort of thing. It is a six year old boat. However also note no dings in the bottom, no evidence of beaching the boat, the props on the troll motor and the big engine are both original equipment.

The Humminbird is a 898c and stays with the boat. It is not currently connected to the GPS puck at the rear. The mount for the rear sonar stays, although I will be removing the bracket, transducer and structure scan module. The rod holders and the golden rule stay.

Note that I removed the original captains chair. Some idiot lawyer had required the company to move its placement to the worst location possible for tiller steering. I have that seat on a spider in my garage. I drive the boat sitting on a plush, throwable cushion my wife made. You can see it in the pictures I originally posted above.


































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That is a beauty ! It's all right if you don't have a boat for a while, I will come down and you can teach me a thing or three.

I too am recovering from something at the moment, it will be a little while before I can go.

I will send this to a couple people too.  

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