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  1. That’s what I used the 1/4 to 1/2 cutting board, then painted it
  2. Have never gone past 1.mph -1.5 using electric motor bottom bouncing is it
  3. I also use flipping reels. A left hand and right hand. That way I can hold both rods if it gets deeper flipping switch, shallower use my knees to crank. Power Pro with mono here as it floats along with the floats on the spinners. 1 1/2 weights mostly. With second person fishing in back 2oz in front and 1 1/2 in back. When bouncing I use transom lss to watch bouncers. My 2 cents
  4. Tanderson15

    Rod repair

    They sub it out. Used them twice and did not notice a new guide very good work. Would do it again
  5. Tanderson15

    Rod repair

    Drop it off at hook line and sinker in Rogers
  6. Love BS but wife wanted more than Walmart. Moved from Parker Co 13 yrs ago love the people and live in Rogers. TR and Beaver are ok.
  7. Is it better at the rock or big m
  8. I’ve had brook trout in C0 hunting elk that we caught in near by stream grilled in foil that were delicious
  9. How did you catch them without your beard. You must be very good at adopting to change. 😁
  10. Boy I’m glad I don’t have any friends or fishing buddies to worry about this problem
  11. I’m with Ron. All I normally fish for is walleye. Tomorrow will be the first time this year never during the spawn because some is successful.
  12. Yes but the old type with the black plastic wedge at the bottom
  13. I would think the action would also change. Maybe ML to medium, my two cents and medium to fast
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